MRA Corona Measures

How you can still practice your hobby at home!


These are strange times…

In some countries, it is forbidden to take pleasure journeys; in others, it is not recommended. Either way, we are all involved, and we need to make the most of it. Fortunately, we can still dream away behind the PC, daydream about better times, wonderful trips and beautiful routes. It doesn't have to stay as just a dream; you can get started, good preparation is half the work and can also be really fun. To help you with that, we have devised the following 3 measures.

1. Share your experiences at the MRA Corona Café!

Here you can leave messages to share how you are doing and what you are doing. Perhaps you have some tips for those who are staying at home; everything can be shared, as long as you value and respect each other!

2. Follow the 10-part LIVE Webinar series safely at home!

From 2 April we start a new series of free Webinars. Our house presenter, Serge van Driel, explains with passion and humour how you can create high-quality routes yourself. You can respond during the Webinars via the Live Chat. Just register by clicking on 'register' and with a drink and snack within arm's reach, your evening is complete!

3. Personal support via Zoom

If you have a PC with a webcam and microphone, you can request a personal video chat with one of the employees of the MyRoute-app. This is available in both Dutch and English, though unfortunately, we do not master the other languages sufficiently. During this video chat, you can ask questions that we try to answer as fully as possible and show them on the screen if necessary. For the request, you can send us an email via the contact form with the days and times that you would like. We put the appointments in our agenda and email you the exact day and time with a link to the video chat!

We think that with these measures you can still get some pleasure from practising your hobby at home. We wish everyone a lot of strength and health in the near future, hopefully, see you on the road again soon!

The MRA Team