The best trips are made with a Harley. The best routes are made by the MRA RouteXperts.

Harley Davidson is more than a motorcycle brand, it is a lifestyle and stands for freedom, companionship and a love for motorcycles. Going on scenic rides together is an important part of that lifestyle. You do not have to buy the best tours, but download them for free from the MRA RouteXperts. This is another reason why the MRA Route Planner is the best route planner for Harley drivers.


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In the MRA Route Planner library, you will find thousands of routes that work perfectly on your BoomBox, created and optimised by the world's one and only RouteXperts.

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MRA RouteXperts are accredited annually. They create and review routes according to strict rules and each route is always checked by a second expert.

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All MRA RouteXperts routes are available free of charge on MRA Routeplanner. There are no hidden costs and every route in the RouteXpert library can be used 100% free of charge.

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The routes of the MRA RouteXperts work perfectly on your BoomBox. Click here to find out more about transferring routes.