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MyRoute-app is the first all-in-one route-tool with a social coating for people that want to go their own way and decide about their proper route. Always and everywhere.

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Explore the possibilities that MyRoute-app offers. Discover more about the most powerful route editor on the web, get to know our modern, easy-to-use and social functions and much more!

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About our powerful route editor

The route tool, the beating heart of MyRoute-app, is unique in its class. MyRoute-app is the most comprehensive and easy to understand route editor that operates via the cloud. As a result, users never have to worry about losing their routes. Everything is online.

Through the route editor, anyone can create unique routes for cycling, walking and riding. MyRoute-app routes can be downloaded in their own unique format to make them as true to nature as possible. We use the .gpx file, this is the natural format of routes on MyRoute-app. You can however download your route in any other known formats to keep compatibility with Interphone, TomTom, Garmin and all other devices as high as possible. Another useful detail of our route tool is that every route point that you add can search for a hotel in the area, this way MyRoute-app also supports your trip when you're not on the road. Useful for longer distances.

When you choose MyRoute-app GOLD, you will also get access to a whole package of additional functionalities. By default you can plan offroad and avoid highways and toll roads. With GOLD you can also reduce or increase the number of route points on your route. Additionally you can automatically optimize, whereby the number of route points decreases without changing the route, and you can reverse your route.

The free MyRoute-app subscription is already very enjoyable, but MyRoute-app Gold offers you the most comprehensive route editor that exists. What do you think about routes in the original TomTom map, all kinds of useful toolkit functions, such as calculating a 'winding route', creating a route with the most altitidude difference or the avoidance of dirt roads? That and more; It's all possible!

Don't worry if you are a Garmin user, we don't lose sight of our many Garmin users. Even better, especially for the Garmin users we have implemented the Here map that Garmin uses including route calculation. Another nice thing is that you can copy the route you see in the TomTom or Here map one on one by MyRoute-app Connector via USB onto your TomTom or Garmin, this is not possible with any other route planner.

Oh yes, in our enthusiasm we would almost have forgotten something; It is available for all platforms, including MAC, iPads and tablets. What more can we do to convince you?

In the future we will continue to add features to MyRoute-app for both BASIC and GOLD users to permanently improve the ultimate route tool. Best of all is that you will never have to download an update, everything is in your cloud!

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MyRoute-app Basic is free (and it always will be)

Archiving and organizing

Managing your routes and tracklogs with MyRoute-app is easier than ever. You can easily switch in your profile between tracklogs you created and retrieved and mobile tracks. And it gets even better. You can import all your old routes and tracklogs to MyRoute-app, where they are stored with your other tracklogs and routes in your own private cloud. This way you can access all your tracklogs and routes always and everywhere. From the archive you can also analyse your tracklogs based on altitude difference and speeds, for example.

As a GOLD member you have additional features to make organizing a new route even easier. Because you'll get access to the MyRoute-app connector. When you have installed the connector you will get the possibility to automatically export your routes to a navigation system that is connected by USB.

Next to the connector, as a Gold member you'll also have mobile access to adding and managing your favorite locations, so that you can organize your route points even better when creating a new route.

Organizing and archiving will have a few more possibilities in the future. Our team continues to look into options to expand or improve the existing features. A concrete example of this is a folder structure for routes and tracklogs that we are currently working hard on.

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MyRoute-app Basic is free (and it always will be)

User-friendly, modern and social

MyRoute-app is also a social platform in addition to an online archive and route processor. Many social functions are being worked on now that there is a stable base in the route editor and archive functions. Currently you can already build up a network of friends in MyRoute-app. You can quickly see in your activity screen where your friends have been and leave a nice reaction to someone's tracklog. You can also leave comments on the support forums. You can discuss issues with other users and give some suggestions to our team. This way, you can always rely on the active and helpful community of MyRoute-app.

Additional support functions are available for our GOLD members. In addition to access to the community forums, they have access to the ticket system of MyRoute-app. In this ticket system you can send a question directly to us, then you will get an answer as soon as possible by someone from our team.

MyRoute-app wants to be a new social medium. In the near future, you can expect nice additions for the web- as well as the app version of our service. For instance, we are working hard on building chat features, so you can chat with other users. Also it is possible to form groups and events in MyRoute-app, where you and other users can create and track routes together. Another and perhaps even nicer addition is your personal travel blog. You can provide the content for this travel blog and other users can follow it.

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MyRoute-app Basic is free (and it always will be)

Mobile features that bring you value

One of the most exciting possibilities of MyRoute-app is the live tracking of routes and uploading those to your own archive. But our mobile app of course also allows users to track routes that they have created before in the web version or uploaded to it. While tracking your route you can pause along the way as long as you want, for example to have a bite to eat. While you're thinking about it, you can take a "moment" with the app right away, that's a picture with accompanying text, which after completing your route is uploaded to MyRoute-app web. This moment will then appear in your tracklog with the GPS location from where you have recorded it. Tracking routes and creating moments is the core of MyRoute-app mobile, which, by the way, is available on both Android and IOS.

If you are a MyRoute-app GOLD user, then you can also locally take over the routes of others next to your own routes. Imagine that you are somewhere abroad and feel like tracking a route, this is very easily possible by selecting a route that you like in the function "routes near you". Also, you can save locations as 'favorite' as a GOLD user. You can always navigate there from within the app, and these locations are also available in the online route editor. When you create a new route you can right away connect all your favorite locations to each other!

You don’t have a TomTom, Garmin or other GPS device but would like to be able to navigate anyway ...? This is possible. ... look into the Navigon and Sygic navigation apps, these are affordable and work with offline maps on your iPhone or smartphone. Sygic is available in the Apple Store or at Google Play, Navigon is available in the Apple Store. It works like this: you create a route on the web page of MyRoute-app, then you open it in MyRoute-app for smartphones, then click on the navigation icon, you can then choose between Navigon or Sygic, click on it, and the route will be opened in your chosen navigation app. Then all that's left is to enjoy!

Currently we are working on making the mobile version of MyRoute-app even better. In the near future, you can expect a mobile version of the activity screen, the route editor and the ability to transfer your routes from your mobile phone onto your favorite GPS system.

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MyRoute-app Basic is free (and it always will be)

MyRoute-app as your central route platform

MyRoute-app is a real jack of all trades. The unique proposition of our service is, of course, the fact that we have all kinds of elements and features brought together in one service. The ambition is to become your central route platform in all possible areas. The interconnectedness of web and app for example, ensures that all of your created tracklogs are immediately shared in MyRoute-app web. With the app you can also share a completed tracklog or route to other social media.

Of course, GOLD members benefit from extra novelties of MyRoute-app. For instance, you can see your favorite locations on web and app and use them when creating a new route. This of course is just one of the many possibilities.

MyRoute-app is continuously working on improving the reciprocal connectivity between web and app. Processes that improve your user experience and run invisibly in the background are the silent power of our service.

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MyRoute-app Basic is free (and it always will be)

The only one with all maps

MyRoute-app runs on the base of the well-known map of Google Maps. Each user has a standard access to this. With Google Maps you can shape your routes in a familiar environment.

Are you a GOLD member? Then you have access to all maps within MyRoute-app. Work in maps from Openstreetmap and satellite pictures. In addition, you can also use the TomTom map so that your routes appear exactly the same way in TomTom as you designed them on MyRoute-app. This also applies to the Here map, the same map that Garmin uses.

As more and more maps are available on the internet, we work hard to make them available as soon as possible on MyRoute-app. At the moment we are implementing the Michelin map into MyRoute-app. Just like with the TomTom map this is a map with its own route calculation, so that your routes are entirely identic to your creation on MyRoute-app.

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MyRoute-app Basic is free (and it always will be)