Great, ready-to-use routes, verified
by experts!
…That’s why we introduced the project ‘RouteXperts’ at the end of 2018. RouteXperts are accredited by MyRoute-app and can evaluate their own routes as well as those of others and add texts and pictures.

In the route library, you can filter out ‘RouteXperts’. When opening a route, you will see the tab ‘RouteXperts’ at the bottom left of the list, and by clicking, you can verify if a route has been reviewed by an expert. To be clear, only RouteXperts accredited by MyRoute-app can evaluate routes in MyRoute-app and add a review.
Would you like to become a MyRoute-app RouteXpert?
…That’s possible and it’s interesting, because the more routes you qualitatively evaluate as RouteXpert and provide with text and pictures, the more we’ll reward you. But watch out, we’ll also ask for something in return. Before you can be considered, you’ll have to complete a questionnaire and we’ll have a look at several routes that have been evaluated by you. The criteria are relatively strict, since we only want to accredit true fans and experts. Through this strict but fair policy, we’re getting closer to our common goal, step by step:

Great, ready-to-use routes all over the world, verified by experts!
What are the advantages for MyRoute-app RouteXperts?
The RouteXperts will automatically be divided into the following categories with according rewards:
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RouteXpert Level
10 reviewed routes
25 reviewed routes
50 reviewed routes
100 reviewed routes
250 reviewed routes
500+ reviewed routes
Reward *
Badge on profile
1 MyRoute-app motorbike scarf
1 MyRoute-app t-Shirt + Gold Lifetime **
1 MyRoute-app sweater
1 MyRoute-app summer coat
1 MyRoute-app GPS-watch
* Rewards may vary
** Only in case you do not yet have a Gold Lifetime subscription
"You’ll be allowed to use our RouteXpert logo on your own website, you’ll have access to a closed RouteXpert Facebook page and you’ll be able to sign up for RouteXperts Webinars! Can’t wait to try it out?"
Registration procedure
Please consider that our common language is English. Command of English in writing and reading is a must.
How does registration work?
1. You’ll need to fill in an English questionnaire;
2. In the questionnaire, you’ll need to share 10 routes of your own (through URL) that we can evaluate;
3. After being accepted, you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions and can get going as MRA RouteXpert;
4. In case you’re not accepted, you’ll receive an e-mail with the reason and will have the chance to register again at any moment;
5. The entire registration procedure until being accepted takes a maximum of 4 weeks.