Splinderluv Mlyn naar Hinterhermsdorf
Published: 09/12/2019
Sunset in Bohemian Switzerland
This ride is part of a journey that lasts approximately 3 weeks. In June 2018 I visited Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic with my partner. This is the 8th trip of this vacation and will take you from Špindlerův Mlýn (Spindlermühle) to Hinterhermsdorf in Germany.

This route gets 4.5 stars from me, because you travel through a continuous chain of nature reserves (Giant Mountains, Jizera mountain ranges, Lausitzer Mountains and Bohemian Switzerland). You also have the option to make a number of stops along the way and to visit cultural and natural features. I do not give the route the full 5 stars, because you will encounter few lunch options along the way and the roads are not too good in a few places.

In the morning you leave from Špindlerův Mlýn to the South. This is the only way to leave the Giant Mountains from this point. On the south side of the village you have a gas station where you can refuel before you continue the course of the route.

After the fuel stop you continue to the South along the first stretch of the Elbe river. We soon leave this to drive a part through the Giant Mountains, past a number of small villages in the mountains themselves. This way we avoid the busy main road on the edge of the Giant Mountains and you can enjoy all the bends and views over a number of small mountain roads at your leisure.

Eventually we turn onto the main road (14) again. This road follows the Jizera river that introduces us a few kilometers further to the Park of the Jizera Mountains with the same name. In the past, this nature reserve has been hard hit by deforestation and heavy industry (mines). In the last decades attention has again been paid to reforestation, which you will also notice on the route: there seems to be no end to the immense forest.

In the area you also pass the Souš Reservoir. Unfortunately, you cannot walk to the water's edge here, as it is currently used as a drinking water basin. You can stop along the route to view the basin from a distance and take a picture.

The road then winds further to the north. Along the way you drive out of the woods and you pass a mountain hut (Horská Chata Smědava). You can stop here for a drink or an early lunch. There are few restaurants further down the route (or you need to deviate from the route). Be careful to park at the indicated location: the guarded parking lot across the road is only intended for walkers.

After the break you will pass the Basilica of Hejnice. This place has a turbulent history, most recently with a major flood in 2010. The damage has been completely repaired and you can now visit the basilica again (for free).

If you have not had lunch yet, you can take a break in Kryštofovo Údolí at restaurant U Kryštofa (we only drove by here, so I cannot tell you if the restaurant is good). You can also visit a small church and a special clock in this village to stretch your legs.

The Iron Mountains are slowly moving to the Lausitzer Mountains (Lužické Hory or Lusatian Mountains). You notice today that the nature reserves are becoming somewhat lower. The highest mountain in this protected nature reserve is the Luž (793m). For comparison: the highest mountain in the Giant Mountains is the Sněžka at 1602 meters.

I like the last part of the route the most: the Lausitzergebirge is directly connected to Bohemian Switzerland. The route goes through both nature reserves via wonderfully winding roads, through beautiful forests and impressive rock formations. Along the way you will also come across a spot (RP17) where you can take a nice picture of how other motorcyclists disappear on a winding road between those rock formations.

The last nature reserve that you visit today is Bohemian Switzerland. The overnight stay is in Hinterhermsdorf, the German part of this nature reserve. If you would like to walk and want to get to know the nature reserve a bit better, then I advise you to break the route earlier and spend the night in Mezni Louka. From here you can walk to Pravčická brána and visit the gorges of Hřensko. Both are an absolute must! Pravčická brána is known for the largest natural sandstone bridge in Europe and the shooting for the movie "the Chronicles of Narnia".

If you want to continue the route, you can stop in Mezni Louka for a short break or continue on and pause at the gorges of Hřensko.

A little further on the route you come along the Elbe river again. This river will guide you across the border to Germany. On the stretch between Bad Schandau and Hinterhermsdorf you will come across a number of small sights, such as a historic lift, a small waterfall and an old train track (Kirnitzschtalbahn), which follows the same route as you to Hinterhermsdorf.

In Hinterhermsdorf you can spend the night at Gasthof zur Hoffnung. You can spend the night here and have dinner. Keep in mind that it is a small hotel with few rooms. It is useful to call ahead and ask if there is room. In the area there are only hotels in Bad Schandau or Sebnitz.
Rock formation on the road between Rynartice and Jetřichovice (RP17)
Baroque Basilica of the Visitation in Hejnice
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Hotel U Fořta
Gasthof zur Hoffnung

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About this route collection
This collection of routes is based on a 3-week vacation that I rode with my partner in June 2018.

The journey goes through Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and a piece of Germany. In total there are 11 driving days, a combination of touristic tours and routes from A to B. All routes avoid the highway and go exclusively on the smaller roads, which makes it a beautiful and varied journey.

Along the way you regularly come across sights, where you can stop to look around. These vary from beautiful viewpoints, to museums and special buildings. You also visit various national nature parks along the way, such as the Tatra Mountains, the Giant Mountains, Eagle Mountains, Krkonoše and Bohemian Switzerland. Because the overnight places are often also located in these areas, you can alternate the driving days with days with wonderful hiking trips.

If you only want to ride a motorcycle, then this collection can also be done in 2 weeks (including a return trip from the Netherlands).

The routes themselves can be challenging from time to time, particularly because the quality of the road surface in Eastern Europe - especially on the small country roads - is not always good. In June 2018 all routes were on paved roads.