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One platform. All devices. That was the starting point for developing MyRoute-app. No messing around with different apps to track your route. No unwanted posts on your social media and no user-unfriendly interface. MyRoute-app adds an app to your routes instead of routes to an app!



The app for Android & iOS as well as the web application for PC, laptop and tablet are free to use. But you can get more nice functions and advantages if you buy the MyRoute-app Gold edition. For the ultimate experience of every adventurous route rider. Beneath this, you can find all the differences in a row:

Free to use, or...
Become gold member for nice extras


MyRoute-app for PC,
smartphones and tablets

Basic Gold
About our powerful route editor
1. Create unique routes
2. Create unique route tracks (.gpx)
3. Countless POIs to search, find, manage and add to your route
4. Find, search and reserve hotels
5. Offroad mode
6. Place routes exactly on roads
7. Route calculation using the Pro version of Google Maps
8. Overlay maps: OpenStreetMap, Michelin
9. Extra: satellite and street view
10. Avoid: highways and toll roads
11. Turn any waypoint in the route in to the ‘starting point’
12. Compare created routes with tracklogs
13. Show multiple routes in one map
14. Optimise, expand, reduce and reverse routes
15. Create winding routes and choose for routes with big altitude differences
16. Split up routes (in development)
17. Route calculation using the original TomTom and HERE (Garmin) maps
18. Avoid: unpaved roads, carpools, used roads, seasonal closures (mountain passes)
19. Compare route calculations (HERE (Garmin), TomTom, Google Maps) in one map
Archiving and organizing
20. Convert route file (.itn, .gpx, .tpf, .trf, .kml, .kmz, .csv, .ov2, .tar.gz) and save it onto your hard drive
21. Library with completed GPS-routes, including evaluation and description
22. Archive private routes (in folders) ‘in the cloud’
23. Manage your favorites
24. Analyse routes, for instance: time on the road, number of kilometres, altitude difference
User-friendly, modern and social
25. Find and add friends
26. Create groups
27. Create events
28. React to other people's completed stages
29. Support through helpdesk (read FAQ/forum), be careful, free users don't receive personal support
30. Share videos and enjoy other route videos
31. Receive notification messages
32. Create and share your own travel blog
33. Personal support through handing in tickets and reacting through the forum
MyRoute-app as your central route platform
34. Share routes and tracklogs via Twitter, Facebook, email, URL link and HTML code
35. Review and use favorites
36. Copy routes to TomTom, Garmin, Interphone, BMW navs and others through MyRoute-app Connector (minimum Windows XP or macOS 10.8)
37. Export routes to your TomTom without USB connection using TomTom MyDrive!
The only one with all maps
38. Google Maps integration
39. Overlay maps (OpenStreetMap, HERE, satellite, street view)
40. TomTom map (including route calculation)
41. HERE map (Garmin) (including route calculation)
Mobile features that bring you value
42. Add moments to a route (photos and text)
43. Track routes
44. Suitable for Android and iOS (Apple)
45. Add favorites based on a GPS location
46. Access to completed routes in your area
47. Navigate through external app (Navigon, Sygic)
48. Edit routes using the Android and iOS app (in development)
49. Export routes to TomTom and Garmin using the Android and iOS app (in development)
MyRoute-app Gold 30-day TRIAL   FREE
MyRoute-app Gold 1 year   €49,-
MyRoute-app Gold 1 year with direct debit   €24,50
MyRoute-app Gold Lifetime (one-off)   €99,-
PROMOTION FOR TYRE USERS MyRoute-app Gold Lifetime (one-off), click here for your discount code!   €74,25