MRA RouteXperts

Creating and reviewing amazing routes for everyone.


You create routes that are amazing to experience. The ultimate combination of character, history and road makes traveling along one of your routes more than a collection of smashed-together waypoints. RouteXperts don't review the routes they make walking their dog or going to work everyday. RouteXperts have taken it upon themselves to become a symbol for quality routes and reviews. It is their goal to create and review amazing routes for everyone, usable on every device and available on every continent.

Becoming a RouteXpert

You'd like to become a RouteXpert? Here's how! All applicants are required to complete a three step programme. This includes applying and getting aproval, succesfully completing a theoretical examn and succesfully completing a trial period. You can read more about the application process as well as register directly below.

MRA Ambassadors

You want to make the adventure of riding available for everyone. You are not alone, as dozens of community members are already doing this. There’s the RouteXperts, good at creating amazing routes for others to use. The Instructors, who know how to turn the most hardcore digi-illiterates into flourishing computer users. The Community Leaders who to organize, moderate and lead the community as a whole. There is an entire team of enthusiasts like you out there whose good work is helping changing the world of riding for the better.