The MRA Trip Generator (Gold)

A pleasant route from just a few mouse clicks!


Create a trip

Login with your email address and password. Go to 'Route Lab' and then to 'Trip'. At the top left you can enter an address on the screen, or you can place a waypoint by clicking on the map. A blue waypoint appears on the map, which is the departure point. At the bottom left of the map you can type the desired number of kilometers, the mode of transport, the altitude difference and the degree of meandering. TIP: Altitude difference and meandering route works best on 'Average'. At the bottom right of the map you see a wheel you can move with your mouse in the direction you want to go, then click on the button 'Calculate trip'. If the route is to your liking, you can then click on the 'Use this route track' button. Name the route track and click 'Save'. The route track is now ready for use!

Edit the trip

The trip generator makes it a route track by default. This is a route without waypoints and this this route track can be found in your Profile under Routes. If you have a navigation device that can handle tracks, you can export or save this route track. If you want to edit the route and/or make it suitable for MRA Navigation, you must first create a route with waypoints. You can do this by clicking on '+ Edit route track' at the top right. The system automatically places waypoints. Check the route by completely zooming in on the waypoints. The route with waypoints is now ready for use!

Some final tips!

The trip is created by default in the TomTom map. If you have a Garmin or MRA Navigation device, use the 'Compare route with 'Here tool' via the 'Toolkit' to make the route the same for TomTom, Garmin and MRA Navigation. More information about this compare function can be found under 'Support'. Would you like a more detailed explanation? Click on the button below for an instructional video.

Not Gold yet? Then take advantage of an extra discount!

The MRA Trip Generator in MyRoute-app is a Gold feature. The use of the TomTom map and the Here map is also only available with a Gold subscription. For only €29.95 per year you have access to all maps and all Gold features. And if you click on the button below you also get an extra 20% discount on that already low price!