TyreToTravel has been discontinued!

… But MyRoute-app will continue.



Due to competition from cloud-based route planners, there is unfortunately no more room for Tyre on the market. The figures already started going into the red at the start of 2018 and there was therefore no other possible choice than for TyreToTravel to be discontinued on 17 July 2019. Fortunately, we have not been sitting still, in the meantime one of the creators of TyreToTravel has launched a super modern all-in-one route platform: MyRoute-app.


Tyre is praised for its simplicity, but also has its limitations. For example, Tyre is only suitable for Windows, uses OpenStreetMap and (to a limited extent) Google Maps. Good maps, although the maps do not match the maps of your navigation system. That is why it is very difficult to exactly follow the routes you have created with Tyre via your GPS. You have the same maps that Garmin (HERE) and TomTom use with MyRoute-app. Tyre continues independently via the Jan Boersma website, see www.tyre.tk.

MyRoute-app is more than an app!

MyRoute-app is first and foremost a website with which you can locate, create, share and export routes to your GPS in an enjoyable manner. It has been built with the latest technology, allowing you to use MyRoute-app on Windows, MacOS, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Does this sound complicated? It's not that bad, so read on and we will assist you if necessary!

MyRoute-app Mobile

In addition to the website, there is a support app for smartphones with which you can track your journeys (logs), add photos and text (moments) to a track.

MyRoute-app Navigation

MyRoute-app has also created its own premium navigation app as an alternative to expensive navigation systems. Feel free to read the reviews, maybe it's a worthy alternative (or backup gps!) to your current gps.

Why switch to MyRoute-app?

The biggest advantage of MyRoute-app is that it is an all-in-one universal solution. You can create accurate routes for almost all types of systems available on the market, useful if you are travelling with a group! Furthermore, it is a community of enthusiasts with beautiful ready-made routes, travel stories, an active forum, professional support and instructional videos. The possibilities are almost endless and we will explain them step by step. You can switch immediately, receive a 40% discount and try it out for yourself or you could first click on 'assistance with switching over' for further support.

Switch immediately and receive a 40% discount

We have never offered a 40% discount and we are not planning to do so again, but because TyreToTravel has been discontinued we are making an exception. This huge discount is temporary and will therefore not happen again, so act quickly. First, you will be required to enter your Tyre email address so that we can check whether you are or have been a Tyre user. You must then click on the discount link, the discount will be automatically entered, you can then select the product of your choice.

Assistance with switching over

If you click on this button you will be redirected to a new page with six short videos waiting just for you. These six videos will take approximately 40 minutes of your time, after viewing them you will have a good explanation of MyRoute-app possibilities. You can make a conscious decision based on this. Would you like some more guidance? We have also considered this, feel free to click on 'Assistance with switching over' and this will follow automatically.