Upcoming webinar

The art of adding waypoints
04.10.2018 20:40
Dear MyRouteApp users and future users, how was your summer and did you enjoy great touring? The weather was beautiful everywhere in Europe, and we hope your routes were too! Now the evenings are getting longer, we will start hosting webinars again, and we will do that a bit differently than before: The next series of webinars will be about 25 minutes each, and we will be focussing on 1 specific subject in every webinar. And what is also different, is that we will do the same webinar in Dutch first, followed by the English version. On October 4 at 8.30 pm Dutch time and 7.30 pm UK time. we will start with the subject Routepoints. Why are they important, how many should you use, where do you place them and how do you check a route in a few minutes, so that you don’t have to make an unexpected U-turn midroute or get send onto a greenlane or city center? As always, it will be interactive, free and you can follow from your own home. Register today, whether you already use MRA or not. See you then!
Serge van Driel
Avid motorcyclist and a true MyRoute-App expert