Upcoming webinar

Creating routes for groups (such as clubs, associations and travel agencies)
04.07.2019 21:30
Amsterdam time: 9.30 p.m. London time: 8.30 p.m. In this Webinar we’ll first make a group and add our friends to it. Routes will be added to this group and there will be an explanation of how you can attach the group’s route library on your own website. Aside from groups we’ll teach you how to create an event and add participants to it. Also covered in this webinar: Myroute-app’s unique capacity to turn any route into a 100% match on all devices! We’ll show you how you can turn a route into a 100% match for all TomTom, Garmin and MyRoute-app Navigation users. The webinar will have advice on how to export routes and ensure that all participants have exactly the same route.
Serge van Driel
Avid motorcyclist and a true MyRoute-App expert