About us

It all started in 2006, when Jan Boersma wanted to combine his hobby’s, motor biking and programming. He created Tyre route software. It was further developed and grew to be one of the most widely known programs for creating GPS-routes, without any advertising. More than 500.000 people in the whole world use it. The hobby quickly escalated, and that's why Jan Boersma and Michel van Hagen started TyreToTravel in 2012 to be able to manage the business well. That worked out well, because since 2013 Tyre is an official partner of TomRom Rider with regards to the route software. Now it's time for more professionalization and expanding the possibilities. Jan Boersma and Michel van Hagen do this together with a very motivated team through MyRoute-app, the first all-in-one route-tool with a social coating. So that we can all enjoy even more perfectly planned routes.


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