Short trip to the French Ardennes
Route collection made by Guy Heyns - RouteXpert
This route collection takes you from Alken in the Belgian Limburg to the French Ardennes and back. You will not only pass the region around Bouillon, but follow the Semois and the Maas for a very long part downstream. You can expect not only pleasant road surfaces, but also both super long and nicely spiced curves.

The first route takes you to Monthermé, a village in the French Ardennes, located along the Meuse. You will get to know this river very well in this collection. Just like the aforementioned Semois, by the way, a Walloon river that flows into the Meuse at Monthermé, from where it flows back into Belgium, together with the Meuse. Both the first and second routes largely run along and over these two important rivers.

In the loop of the first route you will see - at least if you have an eye for something other than the great motor playground you ended up in - the town of Bouillon, which is quite important in crusades. The location of the town is also special, almost completely surrounded by a meander of the Semois.
After a possible visit to the town, you meander along with the Semois into France to Monthermé, where the Semois surrenders in the arms of the Meuse.

Possibly you can spend the night in hotel 'Les Boucles de Meuse', a fairly simple hotel where you can also enjoy dinner.

The day after, you take a very cozy 'colletje' before descending to the Maas. The route then follows the Maas over a length of 174 km. You will cross the river up to 10 times on this ride while flirting with its banks.
Every now and then a dodge is made to enjoy some nice curves. Most of these side jumps are also referred to by Michelin as 'green', so particularly beautiful roads.
Pay attention to crossing game when you drive through the woods. The game also really likes the forests and there are better ways to get a wild boar on your plate than to hit it with your front wheel.

In the second route you can not only enjoy the Maas, but you also pass three cities that are worth mentioning. Givet in France with its imposing fortress-ruin on top of the mountain, Dinant with its famous rocky point and Citadel and finally Namur with its fortress. The proof that the Maas was also a highly valued terrain in the past that was not given to the enemy without a fight. Even the great (?) Napoleon is not foreign to this region.

But even if you are not interested in the history of the region and / or in the many castles that will cross your path, this 2-day route collection is an absolute must in terms of road quality, route variation (short, firm and sometimes tough bends , long open roads, sloping forest roads and smooth asphalt, ...) and landscape views.
Very pleasant, even impressive scenes pass by your wheels. And without exaggeration, I dare to compare its quality with some of the most beautiful foreign routes in the Black Forest, Eifel and Sauerland.
Although nature here also shows its rough side through some solid rock formations along the road.

Perhaps you - just like us - will be deeply impressed by the region and both journeys. If so, please let us know. In any case, we hope that you will enjoy these 5 star rides as much as we did, which - in a two-day period - are suitable for every type of rider.
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From Alken to the French Ardennes
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Alongside the Meuse river from Montherme to Alken
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