Curves of the Vosges Mountains SM XXL
Route collection made by Guy Heyns - RouteXpert
This route collection 'Curves of the Vosges Mountains SM-XXL' is the next collection in the list of road trips through the famous Vosges Mountains in France.
The emphasis in this collection is on 'making turns', and depending on your level of expertise and / or stamina, you choose at which level you want to play the turns.

With the XXL you will navigate for more than 300 kilometers through the famous Vosges and you will hardly let any bend escape your rubber shoes. You can take all the highlights on this extensive day trip that will quickly take you more than 8 hours.

However, the small version is not inferior in quality to its bigger brother. On the contrary. It may well be that the small version is actually the ideal curves route! She is 'only' 216 kilometers long and you can write them on your record within six hours, but ... she leaves so much room to do that sequence of curves again (tip: Bramont ...) or you can enjoy extensive terraces where the sun is stimulating ... and with great views moreover.

What about the medium route? Well, it is pretty much in the middle of it, but what else do you expect with such a name?

In any case, it is certain that this collection of curves through the Vosges is destined to become a top of the range. Everyone will find something to their liking in terms of skills and power and all routes, from small to large, cover the best selection of the curves present in the Vosges.

Just one more golden advice ... make sure you are on good terms with your tire farmer ... it will be necessary ...
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Guy Heyns - RouteXpert
Curves of the Vosges Mountains SMALL
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