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Plans to go motorcycle through Australia? Then read the following five tips carefully, so that you can start your motorcycle holiday well prepared. Good preparation is half the job.

1. Determine in advance where you want to rent your motorcycle. Find a reliable rental company with good reviews. By comparing the prices of various rental companies, you can save a lot of money.
2. Plan your routes in advance. Australia is so big that it is useful to know in advance where exactly you want to go.
3. In Australia you don't just get from A to B: you have to drive long to get to your next destination. Practicing with long motorcycling is therefore highly recommended.
Always check the weather forecast. You can't take a lot with you on the bike, so only bring what you really need according to the weather forecast.
5. Are you going in high season? Then book your accommodations in advance. If you plan to go camping, invest in a good tent.

Motor rents:

Toll roads:
Toll roads are ideal for getting around or through a huge city like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, and are very easy to use. There are no toll booths so there is no on-site payment. The toll must be paid by telephone and credit card within three days after using the road or tunnel. When you pick up the rental engine, you will receive all information about it. It is a simple system but it does require action from yourself to avoid fines.
Traffic rules motor:
Motorcycling rules in Australia vary by state or territory. Inquire about the regulations on the spot.

Wearing a helmet is mandatory for driver and passenger. The helmet must comply with the Australian Standard (AS / NZS1698) or the European Standard (UNECE 22.05), which is indicated on a sticker on, or a label inside, the helmet. In some states, such as New South Wales and Victoria, a helmet may no longer meet the standard if a small camera is mounted, speakers (Bluetooth) are built in, or the helmet has a tinted visor.
Lighting: Low beam is not mandatory during the day, but is recommended.

The transport of 1 passenger is allowed. Children under 8 years old should not be transported on the motorcycle. Children from 8 years old may only be transported on the back if they can reach the footrests with their feet. Younger children may be transported in a sidecar. In several states, such as New South Wales, Northern Territory and Queensland, the carriage of a passenger is only permitted if the driver has a motorcycle license for more than a year.

Riding side by side:
Engines may be driven side by side, provided that their mutual distance does not exceed 1.5 m.

Traffic jams:
In Australia it is allowed to slalom through a traffic jam between the stationary or slow-moving cars (lane filtering), provided that a maximum speed of 30 km / h is maintained and other traffic is not endangered.

Gas stations:
In Australia, a gas station is often called servo (derived from service station). In the outback, a gas station is often called road house. Pay attention; The number of petrol stations is very limited, especially along the southern main route and the north-south connections. Keep this in mind and bring enough spare fuel. For example, use the Fuel Map Australia app ( to search for nearby petrol stations and find out what current fuel prices they have.

Opening hours:
Service stations are usually open from 8 am to 6 pm or 8 pm anyway. Many service stations in larger towns and along highways offer a 24-hour service or have gas dispensers. When planning longer journeys, keep in mind that petrol stations are not open at night or in the morning, and sometimes on Sundays, outside of the major towns and along smaller roads.

Cash can be paid at petrol stations. Credit cards are accepted at most petrol stations.

Refueling machines:
At credit machines (pay-at-the-pump), major credit cards are usually accepted, but a PIN code must often be used.

Reserve fuel:
Because the distances between places in Australia are large and gas stations in the outback may not always have sufficient fuel in stock, it is recommended that you always bring a spare tank of fuel with you. It is forbidden to carry fuel in a reserve tank on ferries.

Figures Australia:
Australia consists of 6 states, 2 territories and 1 federal territory (the Australian Capital Territory)
State on Territory: Australian Capital Territory
Official Abbreviation: ACT
Capital: Canberra
Area in km2: 2.358
Number of Inhabitants (2011): 397,397
Type: Territory
State on Territory: Jervis Bay Territory
Official Abbreviation: JBT
Capital city :--
Area in km2: 74
Number of Inhabitants (2011): 391
Type: Territory
State on Territory: New South Wales
Official Abbreviation: NSW
Capital: Sydney
Area in km2: 800,642
Number of Residents (2011): 7,480,228
Type: State
State on Territory: Northern Territory
Official Abbreviation: NT
Capital: Darwin
Area in km2: 1,349,129
Number of Residents (2011): 228,833
Type: Territory
Stands on Territory: Queensland
Official Abbreviation: QLD
Capital: Brisbane
Area in km2: 1,730,648
Number of Inhabitants (2011): 4,703,193
Type: State
State on Territory: Victoria
Official Abbreviation: VIC
Capital: Melbourne
Area in km2: 227,416
Number of Inhabitants (2011): 5,926,624
Type: State
State on Territory: Western Australia
Official Abbreviation: WA
Capital: Perth
Area in km2: 2.529.875
Number of Residents (2011): 2,474,410
Type: State
State on Territory: South Australia
Official Abbreviation: SA
Capital: Adelaide
Area in km2: 983,482
Number of Inhabitants (2011): 1,676,653
Type: State
State on Territory: Tasmania
Official Abbreviation: TAS
Capital: Hobart
Area in km2: 68,401
Number of Inhabitants (2011): 509,965
Type: State
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