Flateland via Telemark Vradal Kongsberg Vikersund to Oslo
River Otra running through the Setesdal (RP 1)
I drove this route in June 2019 at the end of a 2500 km route through the southern part or Norway. Partly based on a route by Michel van Hagen, founder of MRA. A beautiful country with lots of nature and historic sites and very nice people. Small roads, sometimes curly, sometimes straight, always surrounded by beautiful nature. We had very nice weather. We stayed in cabins ("hytter") where you only need a sleeping bag and outside of the season you don't need to make a reservation. Which makes it easy to just start driving and stop when you are up to it. Sometimes you can even cook in them, so buy some groceries on the way, prepare an easy meal and then make a nice walk in the surrounding nature. Go to sleep with the sound of a river or waterfall often nearby.

We started this part at camping Flateland. A very nice, quiet camping alongside a river (what else...) with many cabins and even a small shop. The river runs in the Setesdal. A very nice vally, but we already saw part of it, so we go back up into the hills.

First thing we come across is a waterfall "Gloppefossen" (RP 2). You can stop here for a short walk if you haven't seen enough already. Nice but not spectacular. A few kilometers further is another waterfall "Edlandsfossen" (RP3). Also nice and can be seen from the road. After that you come to an art museum in the open air ("Grimdalstunet", RP4). A nice stroll.

Then we take a small detour from the 45 to the right. A very nice road that takes you to Skafså with a small church ("kirke" RP6). Here you can choose between the gravelroad to the right or ahead on tarmac via a somewhat bigger road (38). Either way you end up in Åmdal with a copper mining museum (RP8). Really worthwhile a visit, which takes an hour.

From there you go to the Vrå lake. At Vråliosen (RP10) you can make a choice. Keep following the bigger road 38, or take the smaller FV455/3392. I suggest the latter. You have a better look at the lake and I like small curvy roads.

At the end you get to a small peninsula with a golf resort. There is a small restaurant (RP13) with a gorgeous view of the lake Vrå. Unfortunately it was not open when we visited it. They were refurbishing it. It looked very new already...

From the golf resort you go to the town of Vrådal. Be aware that you will pass over two very small bridges (RP14), not suitable for cars. There you can visit the Vrådal Slusemuseum. Small but nice. In the town of Vrådal (RP15) you can do some shoppings and fuel your motorcycle.

After that you get to Kviteseid Bygdetun museum (RP 16). A few old wooden houses and a nice church. Only open during the season from Thursday till Sunday.

At Flatdal we skip the new tunnel by driving around it (RP17). If you want to make some exhaust noise, you can take the tunnel. I prefer to see nature. Then it is quite a drive to Kongsberg (RP19). Here you can have lunch, a drink, go shopping, see the nice town. There is a nice church and again a mining museum.

After Kongsberg we head up to Finnemarka. A peninsula where you can walk very nice (not spectacular) and stay overnight at Natvedt camping (RP22). They only have a few hytter and they are a bit old. But you can cook and sleep. And there is access to the lake where you can swim (brrr, it was too cold for us...). Shops nearby are in Vikersund (RP21). Finnemarka is OK, but not very special. If you prefer a stay in Oslo, at RP20 you can take the road from Kongsberg to Drammen and drive on to Oslo, skipping Finnemarka (RP21 and RP 22).

From here you can drive (the next day) to Oslo to the ColorLine ferry to Kiel (RP23). And if you have time left of course you can visit Oslo and all of it's nice sights. I will not elaborate on this: enough travel guides can help you out.

My rating for this route is 4****. The roads are excellent. The surroundings are beautiful, And there are some nice sights. Nothing spectacular but very worthwhile a visit. I especially liked the Vrå lake area.
Vradal RP14. Picture by Egil Høy-Petersen
Cabin at Natvedt camping.
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Buskerud (Urban East Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈbʉ̂skərʉː] (listen)) is a traditional region, a former county and a current electoral district in Norway, bordering Akershus, Oslo, Oppland, Sogn og Fjordane, Hordaland, Telemark and Vestfold. The region extends from the Oslofjord and Drammensfjorden in the southeast to Hardangervidda mountain range in the northwest. The county administration was in modern times located in Drammen. Buskerud was merged with Akershus and Østfold into the newly created Viken County on 1 January 2020.
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