Winklern door Aut-Svn-Ita naar Kötschach
Orignal route by Frank
vršič panorama
A wonderful tour from the south of Austria. This area we know mainly because of the lakes and the almost subtropical climate, but there are also high mountains with beautiful mountain passes where you can fantastic motorcycling. This route also takes you to a large extent through Slovenia, and will end up in Austria via a small piece of Italy.

The following passes are in the route: Vrsic pass - Predil pass - Mangart pass - Nassfeldas (Passo di Pramollo).

After the short tank stop we quickly start the Vrsic pass with its 50 hairpin bends. There are vowels laid in the hairpin bends, so pay extra attention during rain.
A little further on we start at the Passo del Predil. The enthusiasts among us can take a trip to the Mangartpas. In the routes you are indicated with a waypoint where you can enter the Mangartpas, or where you can drive on the Predil pass, so you arrive in Italy a bit faster.
Sometimes the toll booth is manned on the Mangartpas - you pay about 5 euro toll. But more often there is no one in sight and you can drive upstairs. It is a dead end, but it takes you over the highest accessible asphalt road in the Slovenian Alps. The highest point is 2000 meters, and provides really spectacular views (in clear weather). Small warning: sometimes landslides occur after heavy rainfall. The road is not always clean. This is also a real challenge for people with vertigo: they are often narrow roads, with very steep cliffs. Caution is required. It requires 12 kilometers of supreme concentration.
In Italy arrived quickly the Nassfeldstrasse, on the Italian side called Passo di Pramollo. You reach the highest point at about 1500 meters. A nice, not too difficult pass.

I have given this route 4 stars because this route has everything that makes motorcycling fun: hairpin bends, mountain passes, tunnels and beautiful views. I have not driven the route at the moment, hence the 4 stars. He is scheduled for the summer of 2019.

Route details:
- At route point 3 we can choose: go straight on the Egger Alm and above a short stop at Gasthaus Zum Rudi (route point 4), or turn left following route towards route point 5.
- TomTom and Garmin are slightly different between route points 10 and 11. Follow the main road there.
- At route point 15, the last option is to take a right to the Mangartpas.

Vršič-pas 1 van de 50 haarspeldbochten
Nassfeld pas
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