R07 - Fuerstenberg to Innsbruck
Magnifiek uitzicht tijdens de route
Driving around the Black Forest and the Alps is quite an experience. You have not yet passed one corner or the next one is already there. As you climb from the valley, see the landscape change from wooded slopes with splashing waterfalls to alpine meadows where there is no longer a tree and asphalt roads that cut the eternal snow. Arriving on top of the mountain, enjoy phenomenal views of the surrounding snow-capped peaks, as if you were standing on the roof of the world. For me that is pure enjoyment and that is why I rate this route with 5 stars.

The route starts in Fürstenberg, located in the beautiful Black Forest. There you immediately look for the beautiful roads, which is not difficult in this area. On beautiful winding roads yet the beautiful hilly landscape you will soon arrive in the town of Engen, where the Oldtimer and Fahrzeugmuseum is located.

In the Oldtimer- und Fahrzeugmuseum Engen you will find a large number of old-timers - from unrestored barn finds to first-class restored pre-war vehicles.
The museum was founded in early 2013 by about 20 people with a common interest: Classic cars. In the museum, numerous old-timers with two, three or four wheels can be seen in regularly changing exhibitions on a variety of subjects. See the link below for opening hours and admission prices.

Although the route does not run along Lake Constance, it does include a route point (RP8) where you can deviate from the route in order to drive along Germany's largest lake. Follow the B31 for this, you will then drive along the Bodensee.
This lake with an area of 536 square kilometers is located in the border area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and consists of three parts: the Obersee, the Untersee and a 4 km long connecting canal.
Only in very severe winters does Lake Constance freeze over. Locally this is called a 'Seegefrörne'. In some years the frost is so severe that Lake Constance can be safely entered by a large crowd. When this occurs, it has been tradition since 1573 for a wooden bust of the evangelist John to be exchanged in procession across the ice between the Hagnau presbytery in Germany and the Münsterlingen monastery in Switzerland. This ice procession last took place on February 13, 1963.
To get back on the route from Lake Constance, you can follow the B33 at the town of Stetten, which will bring you back on the route at Hefigkofen.
Another option is to continue on the B31 to Friedrichshafen and then follow the B30 until you get back on the route just after Senglingen.

Just before entering Austria over the 1176 meter high Oberjochpass, you have to cover a circuit-like stretch of asphalt of about five kilometers. Almost at the end of this you will pass Aussichtspunkt Kanzel which gives you a beautiful view over Bad Hindelang and the Ostrach valley. Of course you also have a great view over the valley and the surrounding mountain peaks. Really recommend!

As mentioned, you drive into Austria via the Oberjochpass. A few kilometers further you will pass the Haldensee. The Haldensee is a small lake located at an altitude of 1224 meters in the Tannheimer Tal. On the west bank of the lake is the village of the same name Haldensee, on the east side the village of Haller. The lake is an important recreation spot in the area. A hotel and a camping site can be found on the shore of the lake.
You have a beautiful view over this lake from the Berghütte Adlerhorst. This cabin can be reached via a cable car in the village of Haller. At the bottom you can park the motorbike, after which the gondola will take you up to the mountain hut to enjoy the said beautiful view. For more information see the link below.

Once you have arrived at the bottom of the village you continue the route. On truly phenomenal steering roads you come across the Gaichtpass, the Hahntennjoch, the Holzleitensattel and the Seefelder Sattel. After every bend or mountain a different great view. Don't forget to stop every now and then to capture these beautiful moments.

Although you will get close to Innsbruck at the end of the route, it continues to steer very nicely for this city until recently. Only the last 6 kilometers do you notice that you have arrived in an urban area. Just before you cross the Inn you will pass a gas station. Here you can quickly fill the tank with fuel at the interesting Austrian prices.
Just after the refueling stop you cross the Inn as just said. This is the river from which this city got its name. The Inn is a river that flows through France, Austria and Switzerland and is one of the main drainage routes of the Alps. With its 517 kilometers it is not a small stream.
The last two kilometers of the route pass through the center of Innsbruck. Lots of traffic lights, vehicular traffic, cyclists, and pedestrians! Some caution is advisable here.

Have fun driving this route!
Oldtimer- and vehiclemuseum Engen
Point of view Kanzel
Useful links:
Mountain hut Adlerhorst
ÖBB Nightjet
Oldtimer- and vehiclemuseum Engen

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The Alps, a mountain range in Europe stretching from the French Mediterranean coast in the southwest to the Pannonian plain in the east, almost always guarantee beautiful routes. It can hardly be boring there. The many passes, views and variations in the landscape make the Alps a true motorcycle paradise.
Switzerland is central to this paradise and is surrounded on all sides by countries where it is beautiful steering on fantastic roads.
The 7 routes of this collection lead you around Switzerland, of course this beautiful country itself is also visited. You will pass through beautiful areas such as the Alps, the French and Swiss Jura and the Black Forest.

A few attractions are discussed per route in the review. These often tell something about the history of the area in which you are driving. So educational. Many places have also been indicated where you can find some entertainment, such as a toboggan run. You are completely free to visit these sights, you can of course also determine your own interesting points.
But the most important thing you've probably traveled to this area for is simply driving. And as mentioned above, you are in a true motorcycle paradise where the steering is fantastic!

Each route ends at a hotel (except the last one which ends at the train station in Innsbruck). It is of course not an obligation to use these hotels, you can always find another place to stay in the area, you are completely free. However, my experience is that they are all simple but good hotels for a very reasonable price. They are known and can be booked via booking.com.

The routes of these collections:

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R05 - St Etienne de Cuines to Metabief, 295km
R06 - Metabief to Fuerstenberg, 305km
R07 - Fuerstenberg to Innsbruck, 335km

Have fun riding these routes!