Schinkenstadt San Daniele und Monte Zoncolan Rundtour
The tenth tour in a series of 12 most beautiful routes motorcycle country Carinthia and falls under the category "leichtl" (Austria uses "easy, medium and difficult"). Beautiful winding roads in beautiful nature but there are also more city streets with more traffic, so I give the tour 4 and half *.

From Hermagor it goes about 20 km in an easterly direction on the B 111 to Nötsch in Gailtal. There you take the turnoff to the old federal road to Feistritz and after Thörl Maglern you reach Italy. In Tarvis, known for its market, is worth a stopover for cappuccino and tiramisu. Continue through the 23 km long Canale valley (Val Canale), which separates the Carnic from the Julian Alps and the Karawanken, and where all three major European language families - Germans, Romans and Slavs - meet directly and live together for centuries , A constellation that is nowhere to be found in Europe.
About Pontebba (here was the Italian-Austrian border until 1919), Dogna and Moggio Udinese (severely hit by the earthquake in 1976), the route continues in the lavender city of Venzone. There is a nice coffee break on RP 11, Bar trattoria All Scaligere. (The routes of Garmin and TT are slightly different here).
Then along the Tagliamento San Daniele del Friuli, the place of origin of the world famous San Daniele ham (Prosciutto di San Daniele). Twenty-five manufacturers annually produce more than 2.6 million ham legs, which must weigh at least 11 kg.
After this stop, it goes back north and over the 954 m high, barely used Sella Chianzutan with a break at RP 18, you reach Verzegnis (known for the red marble) and the lake Lago di Verzegnis worth seeing. At Tolmezzo head west to Villa Santina and at Ovaro turn right to Monte Zoncolan RP 21. This driveway, with an average grade of 11.5%, is one of the heaviest climbs in cycling and is often ridden at the Giro d'Italia , Next, the route leads in the valley to Paluzza and on the 1357 m high Plöckenpass you reach again Carinthia. About Kötschach-Mauten it goes through the Upper Gail Valley back to Hermagor.
Lavendelstadt Venzone RP 10
Monte Zoncolan RP 21
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Kärnten or Carinthia, at the crossroads of the Germanic, Slavic and Roman worlds. Three cultures within a few kilometers, southern flair, culinary delights, cross-border tours. Breakfast in Italy, lunch in Slovenia, dinner in Austria - all in one day. Experience the diversity in the borderless Alps-Adriatic region, the area for motorcyclists.

Extensive day trips on winding mountain paths, romantic panoramic routes and beautiful lakes, here the 12 TOP routes Kärnten / Carinthia. Enjoy!