Slowenien und Suedkaernten mit Troegener Klamm Rundtour
The eighth tour in a series of 12 most beautiful routes motorcycle country Carinthia and falls under the category "medium" (Austria uses "easy, medium and heavy"). The tour is a scenic tour quite a wonderful. The roads that were chosen for the tour are sometimes narrow and sometimes quite bumpy, but the landscape you are guided through is simply wild and romantic! There is very little traffic on these roads, especially in Slovenia, so you can enjoy the ride wonderfully. 5 * tour

Head south via Fürnitz to the Wurzenpass (1073 m), where in the "Bunker Museum" you can visit original fortifications from the Cold War (RP 4 to the right). Only 2.5 km further and you are in Slovenia. Through Kranjska Gora to Jesenice, Lipce and to Železniki.
There are many stops to eat or drink on the tour, but the swirls are well known on RP 13.
Then you can look forward to a nice route, via Kropa to Kranj. With the Seebergsattel (1218 m) in the Karawanken the border to Carinthia is reached. The pass road RP 25, itself is well developed and well paved. Stop in Ebriach, west of Bad Eisenkappel at the Gasthaus Zum Florian and visit the motorcycle museum of Bedi Böhm-Besim RP 26. Admission is free. Two dozen exhibits from the first half of the last century, beautifully arranged and in good condition, can be admired here. Afterwards we head west and before the driveway to the Schaidasattel it is worth taking a detour to the Trögener Klamm RP 27. The trip through the wild and romantic gorge is an experience. The gorge returns via Zell-Pfarre and Ferlach to Feistritz / Rosental, where you cross the Drau reservoir and return via Ludmannsdorf and St. Egyden to the starting point Villach.

** Bunker Museum ... secret for decades - now open to the public - kept secret and operational from 1963 to 2002 - the unique bunker museum since 2005: Austria's former "Cold War" defensive system on the Kärntner Wurzenpass Original bunkers, connecting ditches and battle positions with complementary barriers and a complete collection of bunkered and mobile weapon systems can be seen from 1955. Our visitors do not need any previous knowledge: after starting in the information center they discover the 11,400 m² museum area for their individual tour He leads them through the extensive connecting ditches and partly tunnel-like corridors, so they come to the seven interconnected bunkers (combat, leadership, supply and protection facilities) and prepared combat covers in their original state.The unique collection shows, among other things, all types from verbu nkerten armored turrets and cannons of artillery, anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns of the former state fortification and impetus of Austria from 1955. They should spare the small, neutral Alpine republic, an attack and passage of NATO and Warsaw Pact soldiers. The layout, the presentation and the visitor representatives tell a story. As a monument to the border triangle (AUT, SLO, ITA), the Bunker Museum shows impressively and authentically at the intersection of three cultures, which, fortunately, has become superfluous in our peacefully united Europe.
Trögener Klamm
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Trögener Klamm

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Upper Carniola (Slovene: Gorenjska; Italian: Alta Carniola; German: Oberkrain) is a traditional region of Slovenia, the northern mountainous part of the larger Carniola region. The centre of the region is Kranj, while other urban centers include Jesenice, Tržič, Škofja Loka, Kamnik, and Domžale. It has around 300,000 inhabitants or 14% of the population of Slovenia.
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“Motorradland Kärnten” where you feel so wonderfully welcome as a motorcyclist!
Own website for motorcyclists, own compound routes, hotels, campsites and guest houses with attention for motorcyclists, a wonderful area where motorcyclists are very popular.

Kärnten or Carinthia, at the crossroads of the Germanic, Slavic and Roman worlds. Three cultures within a few kilometers, southern flair, culinary delights, cross-border tours. Breakfast in Italy, lunch in Slovenia, dinner in Austria - all in one day. Experience the diversity in the borderless Alps-Adriatic region, the area for motorcyclists.

Extensive day trips on winding mountain paths, romantic panoramic routes and beautiful lakes, here the 12 TOP routes Kärnten / Carinthia. Enjoy!