Slovenian Italien mountains round trip Triglav park
View to Austria from Mangarttroad
This tour goes mostly through Slovenia and a small piece of Italy. The focal point is the Triglav National Park, located in the Julian Alps in Slovenia. This region is not yet very touristy and therefore very suitable for a holiday in complete peace and almost untouched nature. The route starts in the Soca valley where you constantly follow the river of the same name. No hairpin bends but wonderfully meandering along the river. We still come across hairpin bends on this route.

Just before the town of Bovec we turn right towards the Passo del Predil. Here is also the border crossing to Italy. Before we reach the border, we turn right in the direction of Mangartstrasse. The Mangartstrasse is with 2,055 M the highest road in Slovenia. However, this is not a pass because this is a dead end. As a motorcyclist you pay 5 euros toll to be allowed to drive the road. This is definitely worth it because in my eyes this is the jewel of the Triglav park. At the top of Mangartstrasse you will be treated to an almost 360 degree view.
From here you look at the Italian and Austrian mountain world. This is a very technical road to drive, so not recommended for true beginners.
Once back in the valley, we cross the border in no time to enter Italy via the passo del predil. Here you will quickly come across Predil Lake, which is the ideal place to stop for a good lunch. From the terrace you have a great view over the lake and the surrounding mountains.
The road continues through Italy where we turn right just before the Slovenian border. This road is also a dead end but well worth a look. At the end you come across two mountain lakes where you can also take a break.
From here the route continues towards the Slovenian border. After passing this we arrive in the town of Kranjska Gora. Always nice to walk through. The route continues towards the end point but before we reach this we first come across the Vrsic pass. With its 1,611 M, this is the highest pass in Slovenia but is best known for the 50 hairpin bends, many of which are paved with cobblestones. Look out especially in wet weather! After this pass the end of the route is in sight and you can enjoy a nice ride through a great landscape. You will never forget this!
On the highest point of Mangarttroad
Lake Predil
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About this region
Upper Carniola (Slovene: Gorenjska; Italian: Alta Carniola; German: Oberkrain) is a traditional region of Slovenia, the northern mountainous part of the larger Carniola region. The centre of the region is Kranj, while other urban centers include Jesenice, Tržič, Škofja Loka, Kamnik, and Domžale. It has around 300,000 inhabitants or 14% of the population of Slovenia.
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