Koenigsfeld im Schwarzwald Ochsengarten
Published: 26/10/2019
Schnepfegg Pass
Day 3 we drive from Königfeld to Ochsengarten in Austria, a nice drive of 350km.

Now we really go up and ride over various passes, such as Schnepfegg, Hochtannbergpass and the Hanthennjoch (RP10) which is at 1894 meters altitude.

We drive through several beautiful areas such as Schwarzwald, Schwaben and Allgäu. Here you have beautiful winding roads with beautiful views, but also small field and forest roads. On the B200 Begrenzewaldstraße from Schoppernau to Warth you drive along the river and you also drive through several semi-open tunnels which is a particularly beautiful sight.

Warning there are also many ascents, descents and very narrow roads with hairpin bends, so driving experience is desirable.

The area differs from meadow, forest and mountain areas, along the way you also drive through pretty little villages and towns, so there are also plenty of opportunities to stop for a short break or to visit.

On the last part of the route, the cows and horses roam free and therefore also come on the road, so watch out and watch your speed.

We had to change part of the route due to roadworks and closures, so we ended up at almost 380km at the end of the day, but it was also a beautiful ride via the alternative route.

We spend the night in Hotel Gasthof Walderhof in Ochsengarten, a beautiful little village on a small stream, where horses and cows walk the streets in the evenings.

This route gets 5 stars, because of the beautiful roads and beautiful nature.
Bregenzerwaldstraße B200
Hahntennjoch (RP11)
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Vorarlberg ( FOR-arl-burg, Austrian German: [foːɐ̯ˈarlbɛrk] (listen); Vorarlbergisch: Vorarlbearg, Voralbärg, or Voraadelbearg) is the westernmost state (Land) of Austria. It has the second-smallest geographical area after Vienna and, although it has the second-smallest population, it also has the second-highest population density (also after Vienna). It borders on three countries: Germany (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg via Lake Constance), Switzerland (Grisons and St. Gallen), and Liechtenstein. The only Austrian state that shares a border with Vorarlberg is Tyrol, to the east. The capital of Vorarlberg is Bregenz (29,698 inhabitants), although Dornbirn (49,845 inhabitants) and Feldkirch (34,192 inhabitants) have larger populations. Vorarlberg is also the only state in Austria in which the local dialect is not Austro-Bavarian, but rather an Alemannic dialect; it therefore has much more in common culturally with (historically) Alemannic-speaking German-speaking Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Swabia, and Alsace than with the rest of Austria, southeastern Bavaria, and South Tyrol. Vorarlberg is to a large extent mountainous. About 37% (97,000 hectares) of its surface is forest.
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There is no highway in the routes, only beautiful provincial and country roads, many beautiful passes with beautiful panoramas.

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