Hull naar Ashbourne
Bolsover Castle
Good morning England! After a nice quiet crossing from Rotterdam to Hull, this is the start of the journey through England.
This is the first route of a 9 day tour. After checking out the boat (Rotterdam- Hull) you can start the route. The roads are good and the views are excellent! One of the nicer areas you will pass today is the nature reserve, Clumber Park.

After a few roundabouts you quickly get used to driving on the left and you come across the River Humber via the Humber Bridge. This is a suspension bridge at Kingston upon Hull. The bridge has a length of 2200 meters and was opened to traffic on June 24, 1981. The largest span is 1,410 meters, making the bridge one of the top 10 longest suspension bridges in the world. The view here is very beautiful.
After this bridge you drive a few kilometers parallel to the River Trent, this is one of the many rivers in England. At 297 km, it is the third longest river in England. The river rises in Staffordshire and flows into the Humber Estuary. The main tributaries of the Trent are the Derwent, Soar and the Tame. When you turn left and enter the Laughton Forest you can make a short stop in a small parking lot (rp 5) to take a few pictures. If you then cross the River Trent you can immediately afterwards have a cup of coffee at the right side of the road at the Trent Port restaurant. There is a spacious parking lot and you can park the motorcycle here. In good weather you can also sit outside.

After about 25 kilometers the route bends to the right and you drive under a kind of gate through the Clumberpark, a beautiful area. It is a country park in The Dukeries near Worksop in Nottinghamshire. The estate, which was the seat of the Pelham-Clintons, Dukes of Newcastle, was bought by the National Trust in 1946. It is listed in Class I on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. A beautiful park where you can enjoy the peace and the beautiful long trees avenues. It is a pleasure to be able and allowed to drive the motorcycle here.
After some time, when you pass the River Paulter * you leave the Clumberpark through a beautiful open gate.
* The Poulter River, a tributary of the Idle, provided current to mills along its route, most of which have now disappeared, although their mill ponds still remind us of this.
The mill building at Cuckney town is now used as a primary school. To view this building you have to deviate from the route at rp 16.
In the Clumber park lies the Clumber Lake which is connected to the Great Lake (Carburton Forge Dam **) with the Paulter. Here you could stop briefly to enjoy the beautiful view.
** Carburton Forge Dam and Carburton Dam were built to power a forge and mill. Clumber Lake, which consists of an upper and lower lake, which is spanned by a monumental ornamental bridge, is part of the Clumber Estate.
Later in the route you arrive in Bolsover, time to stop at a beautiful old castle, Bolsover Castle. Geographically, this castle is located in the North East of the county of Derbyshire. It was built by architect John Smythson on behalf of and in collaboration with Sir Charles Cavendish. It's a nice location to soak up some culture and take some pictures.
Then it is time for lunch. A good location is The Eyre Arms Restaurant, the Hamburgers or the mixed grille are definitely recommended. There is also a nice parking space to park your motorcycle safely. With the adjacent petrol pump it is possible to fill the tank of your engine.

After lunch you can again enjoy the beautiful views in this area and it is recommended to take a short stop at rp 20 and enjoy the beautiful view again. You look in the direction of Chesterfield over the beautiful hilly landscape.
A little further you come across the River Derwent. It is a nice area to drive through, very hilly and you can see it far away.
At rp 22 you come to a beautiful cave, the Speedwell Cavern, which is one of the four show caves in Castleton, Derbyshire. It consists of a horizontal line for miners leading to the cave itself, it is a limestone cave. A good time to take a look here. you can take lovely walks in the hills and enjoy the view.

After enjoying this beautiful place it is time to continue the route, you will then cross the River Wye twice. The river is important for nature conservation and offers opportunities for recreation.
After an hour you will cross the Bentley Brook River, after which you will visit the hotel The Bentley Brook Inn to spend the night.

Along the route you have several options to stop for a cup of coffee, something to eat or take a photo. I have listed the places where we stopped above or mentioned them in detail.

I gave the route 5 stars, a beautiful route with beautiful landscapes, beautiful views and beautiful roads to drive on. There are also a number of beautiful sights, some of which are included in the route. Clumber Park and Bolsover Castle are today's highlights.
Nice and quiet touring on beautiful roads through a fantastic park. Top.


rp. 10 - Coffee stop (Trent Port Restaurant)
rp. 12 - Clumberpark
rp. 17 - Bolsover Castle
rp. 18 - Lunch (The Eyre Arms)
rp. 22 - Speedwell Cavern
The Bentley Brook
Useful links:
P&O Ferries
Speedwell cavern
Eyre Arms Restaurant
Bolsover Castle
Bentley Brook Inn Hotel

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The East Midlands is one of nine official regions of England at the first level of NUTS for statistical purposes. It consists of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire (except North and North East Lincolnshire), Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland. The region has an area of 15,627 km2 (6,034 sq mi), with a population over 4.5 million in 2011. The most populous settlements in the region are Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Mansfield, Northampton and Nottingham. Other notable settlements include Boston, Chesterfield, Corby, Grantham, Hinckley, Kettering, Loughborough, Newark-on-Trent, Skegness, Wellingborough, and Worksop. Relative proximity to London and its position on the national motorway and trunk road networks help the East Midlands to thrive as an economic hub. Nottingham and Leicester are each classified as a sufficiency-level world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.The region is primarily served by East Midlands Airport, which lies between Derby, Loughborough and Nottingham.
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"8 beautiful routes through England"

You may have seen one of these routes pass by. Eight routes have been driven and made in 2018.The routes are part of a 9-day trip through England. You drive through landscapes that are varied and beautiful. You can see beautiful rolling hilly vistas.
The main roads are of reasonable to good quality, but you also drive on roads that are less maintained and there may be some gravel on the roads here and there.
In general, they are beautiful routes through a beautiful country. The routes are connecting and turn left around London. The start and end points of the routes are Hull.

The collection contains the following routes;
Day 1 from Hull to Ashbourne (224 km)
Day 2 from Ashbourne to Birdlip (245 km)
Day 3 from Birdlip to Feldbridge (295 km)
Day 4 from Feldbridge to Whitstable (250 km)
Day 5 from Whitstable to Colchester (227 km)
Day 6 from Colchester to Hinckley (233 km)
Day 7 Tour and visit Triumph Factory and National Motorcycle Museum (77 km)
Day 8 from Hinckley to Hull (262 km)

All routes have been checked and leveled for Tomtom, Garmin and MyRoute-App Navigation. The routes follow the original route as they were made at the time.

Have fun driving one of these routes. Enjoy all the beauty that England has to offer, such as; The Clumberpark, Bolsover Castle, The Seven Sisters, The White Ciffs of Dover. Of course, a visit to the Triuph factory and the National Motorcycle Museum is also highly recommended.