Rondrit en bezoek Triumph Fabriek en Nationale Motormuseum
Triumph Factory
You leave after a good breakfast from the Hinckley Island Hotel. The hotel with almost 400 rooms looks like a maze, it is very large and has several floors. According to one of the employees, the hotel is located in the old Triumph factory. It is difficult to find out whether this is indeed the case. The only thing that still refers to a connection to the factory in the hotel is the Triumph Bar with a Triumph engine behind the bar as an eye-catcher. Fortunately it is a beautiful hotel and it is a great place to be.

Today's route is a relatively short route. This gives you the time to look around at 2 very nice activities.
The first activity is the visit to the current Triumph factory with the accompanying tour.
Then you go, via a number of beautiful roads, to the National Motorcyle Museum in Birmingham.

You only have to drive 5 kilometers to get to the Triumph factory. But before you arrive here you cross the Ashby-de-la-Zouch channel (rp 3) for the first time, this is a 31-mile channel in England that covers the mining district around Moira, just outside the city of Ashby-de- la-Zouch, connected to the Coventry canal in Bedworth in Warwickshire.
When you arrive at the Triumph factory you will be welcomed by a friendly employee, in our case Dave. He advised us to first gather some information in the Triumph museum. Here you can find everything about the history of Triumph. The whole is supported by showing parts, videos, animations and complete engines. In the canteen you can have a cup of coffee or something else. It is also possible, as we have done, to take advantage of an approximately 2-hour tour. This is definitely recommended. Under no circumstances may photos be taken in the factory.
Dave has a lot of knowledge and gives you detailed answers to all kinds of questions, super. After the tour it is possible to have lunch in the canteen. It is also possible to buy all kinds of souvenirs here, mostly related to the Triumph motorbikes.
Triumph was originally based in Coventry from the 1880s (rp 14). In the Coventry Blitz (September 1940 to May 1941) the city of Conventry and the factory were destroyed. The Triumph factory started in 1942 in the new factory in Meriden. In the late 1980s, the factory moved to its current location, where you also visited the museum today. The only thing that can still be seen at the old location is a monument. It is a memorial stone with the text "THIS WAS THE SITE OF THE TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLE FACTORY MERIDEN 1842-1983"

After lunch, the motorbikes are already waiting to continue their way to the next activity. You will then cross the Ashby-de-la-Zouch channel for the 2nd time. The roads are good and outside the built-up area you can enjoy the hilly roads and the beautiful views.
A few kilometers before the museum you will cross the River Blith (rp 9). This river flows through the English Midlands from the center of Warwickshire, through the municipality of Solihull and on to Coleshill in northern Warwickshire. Then you arrive at the National Motorcycle Museum. This is located approximately 35 kilometers from the Triumph factory.
It is a museum where only English engines can be seen (see the photos). There are more than 1000 engines spread over 5 large halls. There are also less well-known motorcycle brands such as Ariel, Waterlea, Vincent and Exelsior. You can walk around for hours without getting bored.

After walking around for a while it is time to go back to the Hotel. In this 2nd part the roads are somewhat narrower than the first part. Some caution remains necessary because there is some loose gravel on the road here and there and the roads are less well maintained. The advantage is that there is less traffic and you can enjoy the varied views.
Another impressive day, a short but beautiful route. The last route in England is planned for tomorrow.

Along the route there are possibilities to stop for a cup of coffee, something to eat or take a photo. You can also choose to have coffee and lunch at De Triumph factory and the museum. I have included the places where we stopped in the details.

I gave the route 4 stars, a nice short route with beautiful views, but certainly also for the impressive sights, a number of which are included in the route.


rp 5. Triumph factory / museum
rp 10. National motor museum
The National Motorcycle Museum
The National Motorcycle Museum
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National Motorcycle Museum

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The main roads are of reasonable to good quality, but you also drive on roads that are less maintained and there may be some gravel on the roads here and there.
In general, they are beautiful routes through a beautiful country. The routes are connecting and turn left around London. The start and end points of the routes are Hull.

The collection contains the following routes;
Day 1 from Hull to Ashbourne (224 km)
Day 2 from Ashbourne to Birdlip (245 km)
Day 3 from Birdlip to Feldbridge (295 km)
Day 4 from Feldbridge to Whitstable (250 km)
Day 5 from Whitstable to Colchester (227 km)
Day 6 from Colchester to Hinckley (233 km)
Day 7 Tour and visit Triumph Factory and National Motorcycle Museum (77 km)
Day 8 from Hinckley to Hull (262 km)

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Have fun driving one of these routes. Enjoy all the beauty that England has to offer, such as; The Clumberpark, Bolsover Castle, The Seven Sisters, The White Ciffs of Dover. Of course, a visit to the Triuph factory and the National Motorcycle Museum is also highly recommended.