Rondrit door de bossen van Oostwinkel, Aalter en Beernem
Orignal route by Bart DM
Published: 03/02/2019
This route starts from Oostwinkel and goes straight through some of the best-known forests in the region. Oostwinkel is a village in the Belgian province of East Flanders and a borough of Lievegem. Oostwinkel is located in Meetjesland, near the city of Eeklo and 20 km from Ghent. It covers an area of 8.36 km² and had 678 inhabitants on 1 September 2006. The Schipdonk Canal runs through Oostwinkel (Source: Wikipedia).

The first forest on the route is Drongengoedbos. This is the largest forest in the province of East Flanders. The forest is 550 hectares and lies mainly on the territory of Ursel.

The second forest we drive through is the Blekkerbos in Maria-Aalter. This forest came into the news in February 2012 when the body of the castle murder of Wingene was found in the forest. The body was identified as the castle lord Stijn Saelens.

The third forest that is visited is the Vagevuurbos (and the nearby Lippensgoed-Bulskampveld) in Beernem. Together with their 540 hectares, the Vagevuurbos and the Lippensgoed-Bulskampveld form the largest forest complex in West Flanders.

The last forest on the route is the Keigat forest. This is a smaller forest that lies on the border between Ursel and Oostwinkel.

There are no stops on this route, but of course here and there halt to enjoy nature to the possibilities. So be sure to bring some goodies in your tank bag or top case. At the start and end of the route you will find the café De Kastelein where you can have a drink. This route is an ideal snack at a free time, without having to plan a full day on the bike.

Because no difficult cornering is involved while driving this route, she gets 3 stars.
Kasteel in het Blekkerbos, bekend van 'de kasteelmoord'
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Bart DM
Oost Vlaanderen
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About this region
East Flanders (Dutch: Oost-Vlaanderen [ˌoːst ˈflaːndərə(n)] (listen), French: (Province de) Flandre-Orientale, German: Ostflandern) is a province of Belgium. It borders (clockwise from the North) the Dutch province of Zeeland and the Flemish province of Antwerp, Flemish Brabant, Hainaut and West Flanders. It has an area of 3,007 km2 (1,161 sq mi), divided into six administrative districts containing 60 municipalities, and a population of 1,515,064 as of January 2019. The capital is Ghent, home to the Ghent University and the Port of Ghent.
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