Zwartewoud Baden Baden naar Schopfheim
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The route takes us from Baden-Baden, in the north of the Black Forest, to Schopfheim, in the south of the Black Forest.

The route goes straight through the Black Forest. This region is popular with many motorcyclists and that is not for nothing. On the way we enjoy beautiful views over the valleys and lakes of the Black Forest.
This area is the largest low mountain range in Germany. The Romans called the densely wooded mountain range with its characteristic dark pine trees Silva Nigra, which was ominous and almost impenetrable to them. This area is seen by many people as the most beautiful engine area in Germany. It will therefore be a very varied trip with a fantastic route.

The route starts directly on the B500, also known as the Schwarzwaldhochstraße, the oldest and perhaps the most beautiful route through the Black Forest. Construction started in 1930 and finally finished in 1952. The Straße winds up to the top of the Bühlerhöhe. The road continues along the mountains, with beautiful views to Freudenstadt on the east side of the forest, and all at an altitude between 800 and 1000 meters.
During this route, the mythical stories of this ever so impenetrable forest will surely appeal to your imagination, just like the least challenging smaller roads, the beautiful river valleys, beautiful churches and always pleasant Biergarten.
We will do this lunch in Schönwald at Landgasthof Falken.
Furthermore, this region is also called the cradle of cuckoo clock, typical wooden houses and the irresistible traditional Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte
On the way a short photo moment, see photo above. There are also plenty of beautiful places along this route to enjoy the view and / or take some pictures.

Then you come between route points 10 and 11 you pass two large lakes, including the Titisee. This lake has an area of 1.3 square kilometers, is 20 meters deep on average and lies at 1000 meters above sea level. The lake is fed by the Feldberg Glacier.
We also drive along the Schluchsee, the largest reservoir in the Black Forest. It lies at 930 meters above sea level and is therefore the highest reservoir in Germany.

After the Schluchsee it is still about 1H30M drive to the terminus in Schopfheim, beautifully situated hotel on a hill overlooking the valley.

I gave this route 5 stars because it has everything that makes motorcycling fun. The varied landscape, the beautiful mountain climate and the large amount
beautiful roads with both slow and fast turns, lots of hairpins and many beautiful views.

Route comments:
rp 6 - Lunch at Landgasthof Falken.
rp 8 - Short photo moment, see picture above. Be careful, it is not an official stopping point, but there is little traffic.
Tip: Next to this hotel is another lookout tower. Definitely worth it. From this point you can look forward to Switzerland and France.

Uitkijktoren Hohe Flum
Weizbier en uitzicht vanaf terras hotel Hohe Flum
Useful links:
Gasthof Hirsch
Gasthof Falken
Hotel Hohe Flum

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Baden Wurttemberg
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Baden-Württemberg (, German: [ˌbaːdn̩ ˈvʏʁtəmbɛʁk] (listen)), officially the Country of Baden-Württemberg (German: Land Baden-Württemberg), is a state (Land) in southwest Germany, east of the Rhine, which forms the southern sector of Germany's western border with France. With more than 11 million inhabitants as of 2017 across a total area of nearly 35,752 km2 (13,804 sq mi), it is the third-largest German state by both area (behind Bavaria and Lower Saxony) and population (behind North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria). As a federated state, Baden-Württemberg is a partly-sovereign parliamentary republic. The largest city in Baden-Württemberg is the state capital of Stuttgart, followed by Mannheim and Karlsruhe. Other cities are Freiburg im Breisgau, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Pforzheim, Reutlingen, Tübingen, and Ulm. What is now Baden-Württemberg was formerly the historical territories of Baden, Prussian Hohenzollern, and Württemberg. Baden-Württemberg became a state of West Germany in April 1952 by the merger of Württemberg-Baden, South Baden, and Württemberg-Hohenzollern. These states had just been artificially created by the Allies after World War II out of the existing traditional states Baden and Württemberg by their separation over different occupation zones. Baden-Württemberg is especially known for its strong economy with various industries like car manufacturing, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, the service sector, and more. It has the third highest gross regional product (GRP) in Germany. Part of the Four Motors for Europe, some of the largest German companies are headquartered in Baden-Württemberg, including Daimler AG, Porsche, Robert Bosch GmbH and SAP. The sobriquet Ländle (a diminutive of the word "Land" in the local Alemannic and Franconian dialects) is sometimes used as a synonym for Baden-Württemberg.
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