Frydland naar Pastviny
At the base of the Glatzer Mountain
This ride is part of a journey that lasts approximately 3 weeks. In June 2018 I visited Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic with my partner. This is the fourth trip of this holiday and will take you from Frydland nad Ostravici to Pastviny.

I give this route 4 stars, because it is primarily a wonderful motorcycle ride. You drive all day on undulating roads through the woods, over the mountains and you continuously discover new views along the way. Certainly the second half of the day you arrive in a very beautiful area of the Czech Republic with only perfectly paved winding roads.

If you depart from the starting point of this route (Hotel Chata pod Lysou), you will first pass through the town of Frydland nad Ostravici. Here you can, if necessary, refuel before you start most of the route.

Today you will drive through Moravia to Bohemia. The farther you are on the route, the more mountainous it becomes and you also encounter a number of beautiful mountain passes with hairpin bends along the way.

You will also come across the first viewing points on about a third of the route. First you pass Vikštejn Castle. Along the route is a parking lot where you can park your motorcycle and then walk to the castle within 5 minutes. The castle was built somewhere around 1370 and after a turbulent history there is only a ruin that can be visited freely.

Just beyond the castle you will find a tower, where you have a magnificent view of the surroundings and the town of Podhradi further down the valley. If you enjoy taking beautiful pictures of the other motorcyclists in your group, this is also a great place to take pictures. Just before your visit to the castle you passed through the town of Podhradi, after which you immediately drove 5 wonderful hairpin bends. When you stand in the tower, you will see that the same hairpin bends are perfectly in view for a number of beautiful photos.

Further along the route you will pass one of the reservoirs in this area: the Kružberk Reservoir. Here you can stop for a photo of the lake and the sheet pile. If you can believe Google Streetview, you can also come across soldiers who practice abseiling the sheet pile.

At about two-thirds of your ride you will pass the village of Karlova Studánka (or Bad Karlsbrunn). You have now arrived in the heart of the Jeseníky mountains. This village is one of the most popular wellness areas in the Czech Republic. It is claimed that you have the cleanest air in Central Europe here. You can consider staying here and enjoying the spa options. If you want to keep driving, this is a nice place to take a break on a terrace and stretch your legs with a little walk. All wooden houses and special buildings make the walk worthwhile.

After your break you can start working immediately. A number of serious hairpin bends are waiting for you. I also liked this part of the route the best: the mountains are getting higher, the forests are more impressive. Everything seems bigger.

Towards the end of the day you will pass through the city of Jablonné nad Orlicí. I have included a gas station here as a waypoint, because this is the last of the route for today. If you continue the route the next day to the Giant Mountains, you will encounter few gas stations in the morning.

Eventually you will enter Pastviny. This small village is located on a reservoir, which you drive over and then drive up the mountain to Hotel Lesanka. Look closely at the directions to get here. After a bend to the right you have to quickly turn right onto a narrow road, which you quickly miss if you don't pay attention. Then follow the directions on the signs. The hotel is also easy to reach on narrow, but well-paved country roads.

This simple hotel has plenty of parking spaces for the motorbikes (including a lockable garage), a nice terrace with a view of the village and the reservoir, and the hostess spoils you well with delicious food.
By the way, if you spend the night here, you can also take a short walk to the widest tree (Vejdova lípa) in the Czech Republic. The waypoint of this tree is included in the route. Especially after dinner this is a wonderful walk to lower the food and enjoy the view in the hinterland.
Karlova Studánka
Vikštejn castle
Useful links:
Chata pod Lysou (hotel in Frydland)
Vikštejn Castle
Karlova Studanka (or Bad Karlsbrunn)
Hotel Lesanka

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Pardubice (Czech pronunciation: [ˈpardubɪtsɛ] (listen); German: Pardubitz) is a city in the Czech Republic. It has about 92,000 inhabitants. It is the capital city of the Pardubice Region and lies on the river Elbe, 96 kilometres (60 mi) east of Prague. The historic centre of Pardubice is well preserved and historically significant and is protected by law as urban monument reservation. Factories include the Synthesia chemical factory, an oil refinery Paramo, a heavy machinery factory and an electronic equipment plant. The city is well known for its sport events, which include the Great Pardubice Steeplechase in horse racing, the Golden Helmet of Pardubice in motorcycle racing, and the Czech Open in golf and chess.
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About this route collection
This collection of routes is based on a 3-week vacation that I rode with my partner in June 2018.

The journey goes through Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and a piece of Germany. In total there are 11 driving days, a combination of touristic tours and routes from A to B. All routes avoid the highway and go exclusively on the smaller roads, which makes it a beautiful and varied journey.

Along the way you regularly come across sights, where you can stop to look around. These vary from beautiful viewpoints, to museums and special buildings. You also visit various national nature parks along the way, such as the Tatra Mountains, the Giant Mountains, Eagle Mountains, Krkonoše and Bohemian Switzerland. Because the overnight places are often also located in these areas, you can alternate the driving days with days with wonderful hiking trips.

If you only want to ride a motorcycle, then this collection can also be done in 2 weeks (including a return trip from the Netherlands).

The routes themselves can be challenging from time to time, particularly because the quality of the road surface in Eastern Europe - especially on the small country roads - is not always good. In June 2018 all routes were on paved roads.