R05 - Rickenbach to Forbach
Black Forrest
A route through the Black Forest cannot be boring. Every street, every road offers you a fantastic driving adventure or a gigantic view. You often do not know what to expect after the beautiful bend you see in front of you. The beautiful, varied environment and the beautiful roads make that I rate this route with 4 stars.

The route starts in Rickenbach, a small village in the south of the Black Forest. On beautiful winding roads through endless forests and meadows you drive on the L155, which sends you north via Wehr. At the small village of Au, turn left onto the K5352. This is typically such a road where you immediately enjoy yourself and if the navigation says that you have to turn left or right after x meters, that is quite a small disappointment. Don't be sad for too long, there are still many, many beautiful things to come under the wheels in this route.
At the viewpoint Kreuzbuhl you have the option to stop and enjoy the view. You look out over the town of Gaisbuhl and the mountains behind, a typical piece of beauty from the Black Forest.

Not much further you come via the L146 over the St. Antoni pass with a height of 1051 meters. A pass with a number of hairpin bends and beautiful views, it is visible that you are again on a somewhat higher part of the Black Forest. The 'roof of the Black Forest', however, is the Feldberg, which is 25 kilometers further on the route. This highest mountain in the Black Forest is 1493m. The route does not get that high, it ends at the Feldberg Pass with an altitude of 1231m. The terrace of Hotel Kokoschinski offers a great view, which is why you should enjoy a cup of coffee there.

When you arrive in Feldberg, the Schnapsmuseum can be visited. Lovers of vintage motorcycles and all kinds of schnapps will get their money's worth here: the schnapps museum in Café zum Gscheiten Beck introduces you to the art of distilling schnapps and offers guided tours with tasting. Prefer something sweet? That is also possible, in the cafe delicious homemade cakes are available.

You continue the route on a small piece of B317 towards the Titisee. This is a lake with an area of 1.3 km² and an average depth of 20m. Although it is hefty size, it is certainly not the largest lake in this area. Yet many tourists come every year. There is always plenty to do at the lake. The most popular activity is a walk around the lake. The nearby Hochfirst mountain offers a lookout tower at an altitude of 1,192 meters. A hike from the lake to this point is also highly recommended. Cycling in the region is a popular choice, although it requires considerable effort due to the height differences. It is also good to stay on the water. For example, it is possible to take a boat trip, in a large tour boat or, for example, in a pedal boat. Swimming in the lake is possible, but there are also swimming pools around the lake.

After Neustad you follow the L128, which ends up on the B500, or the Schwarzwaldhochstraße. This road, which runs almost through the entire Black Forest, is almost 233 km long and consists of two parts. The northern part starts at Wintersdorf and runs via Baden-Baden to Alexanderschanze. The southern section starts at Triberg im Schwarzwald and runs via Titisee-Neustadt to Waldshut-Tiengen.
There are hardly any places on the route, especially south of Baden-Baden. Between Baden-Baden and Kniebis, the road forms part of the touristically interesting Schwarzwaldhochstraße. Here the route rises to a maximum of more than 1,000 meters. The road is very beautiful, and there are often views of the Rheintal and the Vosges. The southern part is also at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters and runs along a number of lakes. That part is also touristy.

Shortly before Triberg you leave the B500 to drive on the K5751 towards Schonach im Schwarzwald. Just before reaching this place it is possible to stop at the Langenwaldschanze. This is a 106m high ski jump that has been around for almost 100 years. The ramp was built in 1924. Renovated several times over the years to meet the latest requirements and wishes. For example, in 2010 the redoubt was enlarged by 2.25 million euros.
Nice to take a look at this rather immense building. In addition, the hill on which the redoubt is built offers a beautiful view of Schonach im Schwarzwald.

In Schonach im Schwarzwald you turn left onto the L109. A truly fantastic road with beautiful curves and beautiful views. Did I say above that you are sometimes disappointed when you have to leave a road, this is one of them. But don't worry, after Oberprechtal the steering party will happily continue a little further on the L107.
At Gutach you turn left and drive via the B33 towards Hausach. Once there, turn right and you will eventually come to the road with number L96. This beautiful winding road takes you towards Schapbach, but before you reach this place you turn left onto the L93. We arrive at Oppenau through countless bends. From there a little further to the north, towards All Saints' Day. Here we find the Wasserfälle Allerheiligen. Really worth a visit. Steps and plateaus have been built along the waterfall, from which you have a beautiful view of the splashing water. During the walk, also take a trip to the Studentenfelsen for a beautiful view over the valley.

At the top of the falls is the Klosterruine Allerheiligen. The All Saints Monastery was founded between 1191 and 1196. Many pilgrims have come to All Saints' Day since the late 13th century. The monastery thrived in the 18th century thanks to a nationally recognized secondary school located in it. After this school left, the buildings were empty and were auctioned for demolition in 1816. The remnants of the once-important complex did not regain attention until the nearby waterfalls opened with ladders and steps around 1840.
A visit to this ruin can be combined with a visit to the waterfalls. You can park at RP8 (at the bottom of the falls) or RP9 (at the top of the ruin).

A few kilometers further on, the K5370 that you just drove over ends up on the B500 at Ruhestein at an altitude of over 900 meters. The B500 really does justice to the section 'hoch' in its name Schwarzwaldhochstraße. It seems as if you are driving over the roof of the Black Forest, everywhere you look you have a great view. It is high time to put the engine aside and enjoy all this beauty while enjoying a cup of coffee or another snack. This is possible at Rasthütte Seibelseckle where they serve a good cup of coffee. Old shop with a great look!

Further on the route comes along the Mummelsee. The lake is located at an altitude of 1,036m, has an area of 3.7 hectares, a circumference of 800 meters and a maximum depth of 17 meters. As the lake is located along the Schwarzwaldhochstraße, it is one of the most visited lakes in Baden-Württemberg. Definitely stop at this beautiful lake. Don't forget to enjoy the view from the other side of the B500! Be careful when crossing the road!

At Hundseck you leave the B500 to reach Forbach via the last 25 kilometers of this route via the L80b, the L83 and the B462. The end point is at Hotel Das Waldhaus, a quiet hotel on the edge of the village. Next to the hotel is a wooden bridge, the 'Alte Forbacher Holzbrücke' over the river Murg. Sitting on the terrace of the hotel you look at the bridge. The bridge spans nearly 38 meters over the Murg and has no central pillar, with a dead weight of 129 tons, the massive wooden bridge carries a load capacity of 64 tons. The wooden bridge is the longest cantilevered, covered and, due to its stability, driveable wooden bridge in Europe.

Have fun driving this route!
Alte Forbacher Holzbrücke
Allerheiligen wasserfälle
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Hotel das Waldhaus
Alte Forbacher Holzbrücke
Allerheiligen wasserfälle
Kloster Allerheiligen

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Baden Wurttemberg
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Baden-Württemberg (, German: [ˌbaːdn̩ ˈvʏʁtəmbɛʁk] (listen)) is a state (Land) in southwest Germany, east of the Rhine, which forms the southern part of Germany's western border with France. With more than 11 million inhabitants as of 2017 across a total area of nearly 35,752 km2 (13,804 sq mi), it is the third-largest German state by both area (behind Bavaria and Lower Saxony) and population (behind North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria). As a federated state, Baden-Württemberg is a partly-sovereign parliamentary republic. The largest city in Baden-Württemberg is the state capital of Stuttgart, followed by Mannheim and Karlsruhe. Other cities are Freiburg im Breisgau, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Pforzheim, Reutlingen, Tübingen, and Ulm. What is now Baden-Württemberg was formerly the historical territories of Baden, Prussian Hohenzollern, and Württemberg. Baden-Württemberg became a state of West Germany in April 1952 by the merger of Württemberg-Baden, South Baden, and Württemberg-Hohenzollern. These states had just been artificially created by the Allies after World War II out of the existing traditional states Baden and Württemberg by their separation over different occupation zones. Baden-Württemberg is especially known for its strong economy with various industries like car manufacturing, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, the service sector, and more. It has the third highest gross regional product (GRP) in Germany. Part of the Four Motors for Europe, some of the largest German companies are headquartered in Baden-Württemberg, including Daimler AG, Porsche, Robert Bosch GmbH and SAP. The sobriquet Ländle (a diminutive of the word "Land" in the local Alemannic and Franconian dialects) is sometimes used as a synonym for Baden-Württemberg.
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About this route collection
The Alps, a mountain range in Europe stretching from the French Mediterranean coast in the southwest to the Pannonian plain in the east, almost always guarantee beautiful routes. It can hardly be boring there. The many passes, views and variations in the landscape make the Alps a true motorcycle paradise. Driving around the Alps is really quite an experience. You have not yet passed one corner or the next one is coming. While climbing from the valley, see the landscape change from wooded slopes with splashing waterfalls to alpine meadows where there is no longer a tree and asphalt roads that cut the eternal snow. Arrived at the top of the mountain, enjoy phenomenal views of the surrounding snow-capped peaks, as if you were standing on the roof of the world.

The 7 routes of this collection lead you from Austria to the Netherlands via Italy, Switzerland, Germany and a few kilometers France. Various passes are visited, including the Tonale, the Gavia, the Stelvio, the St Gotthard, the Grimsel and so I can go on for a while. Each one of them is a pleasure to ride.
You would think that after the Alps the fun is over, but nothing could be further from the truth. From the Alps you drive through Switzerland into the Black Forest. You can enjoy yourself for a week in that area alone. From the Black Forest you drive to the Eifel, also a famous area among motorcyclists. Consider, for example, the busy Nürburgring.
The last part of the route is on the motorway, because then you have arrived in a non-interesting area: the Ruhr area. Busy, drab and gray. Reason to do this via the highway, then you will get through it quickly. Driving inside is not an issue here. You drive from one town into another, often with lots of traffic lights and correspondingly heavy traffic.

A few attractions are discussed per route in the review. These often tell something about the history of the area in which you are driving. Fun facts, quite educational. Often there are also indicated places where you can find some entertainment, for example a suspension bridge at a great height. You are completely free to visit these sights, you can of course also determine your own interesting points.
But the most important thing you've probably traveled to this area for is simply driving. And as mentioned above, you are in a true motorcycle paradise where the steering is fantastic!

Each route ends at a hotel. It is of course not an obligation to use these hotels, you can always find another place to stay in the area, you are completely free. However, my experience is that they are all simple but good hotels for a very reasonable price. They are known and can be booked via booking.com.

The routes of these collections:

R01 - Innsbruck to Stelvio, 289km
R02 - Stelvio to Maccagno, 264km
R03 - Maccagno to Sisikon, 271km
R04 - Sisikon to Rickenbach, 273km
R05 - Rickenbach to Forbach, 253km
R06 - Forbach to Kirchberg, 288km
R07 - Kirchberg to Arnhem, 400km

Have fun riding these routes!