Dag 1 Lelystad Cuxhaven
Published: 16/10/2019
Strand Cuxhaven
Roadtrip 2018.
This is the route of our first day and runs from Lelystad (my home) to Cuxhaven in Germany.
Meeting point at the Mac in Barneveld, from there you drive through the Veluwe and over the dykes along the IJssel to the north of the Netherlands.
Especially the dikes (RP6 to RP8) along the IJssel are a pleasure to drive, many curves and beautiful nature.
You pass a number of small villages where you can possibly stop for a short break.

At RP8 we cross the IJssel by ferry and drive towards Raalte. In Raalte lies the American Motorcycle Museum, well worth a visit. Turn right at the roundabout at RP12. Restaurant Tivoli is located next to the Museum.

From Raalte it is about provincial roads via Hardenberg, Coevorden and Emmen to Germany.
The first big city is Papenburg, nice opportunity to stop and eat in one of the many good restaurants in the center, another option is to drive to Leer, there too there is enough opportunity to eat something.

Last stage is about provincial roads and a small piece of motorway, to the end point for the first day, Cuxhaven.
Cuxhaven is a beautiful German seaside resort with large beaches, many campsites and hotels.

The route has a few nice parts with lots of bends but there are also a number of boring parts, simply to make meters on the first day.

The route has a 3-star rating.
Camping Cuxhaven
Useful links:
American Motorcycle Museum Raalte
Day 2
Camping Nordsee Cuxhaven

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The City Municipality of Bremen (, also US: ; German: Stadtgemeinde Bremen, IPA: [ˈʃtatɡəˌmaɪndə ˈbʁeːmən] (listen); Low German also: Breem or Bräm) is the capital of the German federal state Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (also called just "Bremen" for short), a two-city-state consisting of the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven. With around 570,000 inhabitants, the Hanseatic city is the 11th largest city of Germany as well as the second largest city in Northern Germany after Hamburg. Bremen is the largest city on the River Weser, the longest river flowing entirely in Germany, lying some 60 km (37 mi) upstream from its mouth into the North Sea, and is surrounded by the state of Lower Saxony. A commercial and industrial city, Bremen is, together with Oldenburg and Bremerhaven, part of the Bremen/Oldenburg Metropolitan Region, with 2.5 million people. Bremen is contiguous with the Lower Saxon towns of Delmenhorst, Stuhr, Achim, Weyhe, Schwanewede and Lilienthal. There is an exclave of Bremen in Bremerhaven, the "Citybremian Overseas Port Area Bremerhaven" (Stadtbremisches Überseehafengebiet Bremerhaven). Bremen is the fourth largest city in the Low German dialect area after Hamburg, Dortmund and Essen. Bremen's port, together with the port of Bremerhaven at the mouth of the Weser, is the second largest port in Germany after the Port of Hamburg. The airport of Bremen (Flughafen Bremen "Hans Koschnick") lies in the southern borough of Neustadt-Neuenland and is Germany's 12th busiest airport. Bremen is a major cultural and economic hub of Northern Germany. The city is home to dozens of historical galleries and museums, ranging from historical sculptures to major art museums, such as the Bremen Overseas Museum (Übersee-Museum Bremen). The Bremen City Hall and the Bremen Roland are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Bremen is well known through the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale "Town Musicians of Bremen" (Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten), and there is a statue dedicated to it in front of the city hall. Bremen has a reputation as a working-class city. The city is home to many multinational companies and manufacturing centers. Companies headquartered in Bremen include the Hachez chocolate company and Vector Foiltec. Bremen's best known football club is Bundesliga club SV Werder Bremen, who play in the Weser Stadium (Weserstadion), that sits directly on the bank of the Weser.
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