Rondrit Hunsruck vanuit Enkirch
Published: 21/09/2019
Geierlay Hangbrug
This tour is part of a 3-day trip to the Moselle, which I drove with a small group of friends in June 2019. During these days we drive through the Eifel, Moselle and Hunsruck (the "hinterland" of the Moselle). The links to the other routes can be found at the bottom of this review.

This varied tour is about the Hunsrück. The start and end points are close to Hotel de Dampfmuhle in Enkirch on the Moselle.
This route gets 4 stars from me, because you experience or experience something new all day long. One time you drive through the woods, then you drive through agricultural land. Sometimes you drive faster on through roads and sometimes you drive slower on countless bends via narrow mountain paths. And if the latter does not yet offer enough adrenaline, you can still be challenged by the height along the way ... on two legs, on the Nahe Skywalk and the Geierlay suspension bridge!
Finally, this route offers enough technically accessible and yet challenging parts for people who are riding on motorbikes abroad for the first time on winding roads, but also remain interesting enough for the more experienced fellow riders in the group.

From the hotel you immediately dive into the Hunsrück. Immediately you have to loosen the hips on a winding road, up the mountain, towards Raversbeuren. Beautiful forest roads are occasionally briefly interrupted by sleeping villages. Fortunately not too much so that you can continue to ride nicely in your rhythm. However, it is striking that they are all sleeping villages: along the route you will find few restaurants or cafes where you can take a break. For that reason, I have indicated a number of places in this route that are generally always open for lunch or other break.

After approximately an hour's drive you will pass the Burgschanke. This is a small hidden cafe where you can take a break before you enter the Frauenberg. If you're on the road with only ladies, then this is a great time to take pictures with the club riders at the village sign. You can then take the best photos just before you leave the village. There is ample space for the motorbikes to park and take photos in a quiet / safe way.

Via narrow winding roads you then drive past Idar-Oberstein to finally arrive in Kirn. Here you have, on top of the mountain, Restaurant and Whiskey-Museum Kyrburg. Make a reservation in advance if you want to visit the impressive whiskey museum. If you want to eat or drink something here, you can easily find a place in the restaurant. Preferably on the terrace, so that you have a wide view over the valley where the river Nahe flows below. Don't drink (whiskey) courage here: the Nahe Skywalk and Geierlay suspension bridge further along the route are very stable. But definitely worth a visit.

The Nahe Skywalk was opened a few years ago and hangs about 100 meters above the Nahe River. From here you can admire the valley from a great height. Note: you can only park the motorcycle at the start of the village. You have to walk the last 300 meters yourself. Also here is a restaurant with a terrace where you can have lunch.

After this adrenaline rush you can cool off and get some fresh air on a long forest road between Winterbach and Tiefenbach. This road also offers opportunities to take action photos of the other motorcyclists in your group, or possibly photos of deer that are in the forest. Also pay attention on the road!

On the last part of the route you will pass through Morsdorf. If you want to visit the Geierlay suspension bridge, you can park your motorcycle here for a fee. Normally you can put your helmet on the guard, so that you can walk the 1000 meters to the suspension bridge without lugging your things. It is a short walk, but definitely worth it. It is a long and high suspension bridge over one of the forested valleys in the region. And there are lovely benches to rest and relax ... from the walk or the height.

Of course, before you return to the hotel, you will get a number of wonderful hairpin bends that will take you down to the Moselle. And you can make a final stop in Zell am Mosel (eg at Cafe am Bahnhof) and enjoy a terrace along the Moselle.

Just before you leave Zell am Mosel, you have one last gas station before you return to the hotel.

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Nahe Skywalk
Restaurant & Whiskymuseum auf der Kyrburg
Useful links:
Restaurant en Whisky-Museum Kyrburg
Nahe Skywalk
Geierlay hangbrug

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About this region
The Hunsrück (German pronunciation: [ˈhʊnsʁʏk]) is a low mountain range in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is bounded by the river valleys of the Moselle (north), the Nahe (south), and the Rhine (east). The Hunsrück is continued by the Taunus mountains on the eastern side of the Rhine. In the north behind the Moselle it is continued by the Eifel. To the south of the Nahe is the Palatinate region. Many of the hills are no higher than 400 metres (1,300 ft) above sea level. There are several chains of much higher peaks within the Hunsrück, all bearing names of their own: the (Black Forest) Hochwald, the Idar Forest, the Soonwald, and the Bingen Forest. The highest mountain is the Erbeskopf (816 m; 2,677 ft). Notable towns located within the Hunsrück include Simmern, Kirchberg, and Idar-Oberstein, Kastellaun, and Morbach. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is also located within the region. The climate in the Hunsrück is characterised by rainy weather, and mist rising in the morning. Slate is still mined in the mountains. Since 2010, the region has become one of Germany's major onshore wind power regions, with major wind farms located near Ellern and Kirchberg. Nature-based tourism has increased in recent years and in 2015, a new national park was inaugurated. Culturally, the region is best known for its Hunsrückisch dialect and through depictions in the Heimat film series. The region experienced significant emigration in the mid-19th century, particularly to Brazil.
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About this route collection
The Moselle is a well-known and loved place for most Dutch motorcyclists. Not too far from home, you will find a beautiful nature reserve with wonderfully winding roads, beautiful views and delicious German food, wine and beer. And because it is so close, it is often also the first experience abroad for the novice motorcyclist. The roads offer enough space to practice your cornering technique well.
This collection is therefore made for this. The routes offer sufficient challenge for the novice motorcyclist, but also a lot of driving pleasure for the more experienced pilot. Are you going on a long weekend (3 days) with a group of motorcyclists on the road, with varying levels of experience, then this set of routes is a good option.
The collection consists of 3 rides that lead you through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. You drive through the Eifel, Moselle and Hunsrück. Sometimes on fast through roads, then again on small winding country roads. As a result, the routes offer enough variety, also due to a number of interesting viewpoints and places to visit.
Have fun driving the routes and especially share your feedback with afterwards!
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