Holtgast Biker Hotel Zur Schanze Bad Zwischenahn Papenburg
This route leaves from Biker Hotel Zur Schanze in Holtgast near Augustfehn. We drive to the east and arrive at the Zwischenahner Meer.
The Zwischenahner Meer is a lake in the municipality of Bad Zwischenahn in the Ammerland district in Lower Saxony. It lies between the main town of Bad Zwischenahn in the south and the Dreibergen district in the north. The lake is also called the pearl of the Ammerland. The name Zwischenahner Meer only reigned at the beginning of the 19th century, previously it was called "Elmendorfer" or "Ammersches Meer".
We drive around the lake and arrive in Bad Zwischenahn rp 9 where we can sit on a terrace for a cup of coffee.

We continue our route and drive south and drive along the Kustenkanal. At rp 13 we drive over the Schwaneburger brucke, then we arrive at the Thulsfelder Talsperre.
The 170-hectare Soeste reservoir in the town of Friesoythe and the Garrel and Molbergen communities were built in 1924-1927. The extensive dam area with shallow water, swamps, heathland and sandy areas developed a very valuable habitat for endangered animal and plant species very early on.
On the west side extends one of the largest moors of Lower Saxony. The area with its surroundings since 1938 a nature reserve and since 2000 also FFH area (Flora-Fauna-Habitat). We take a break at rp 18 beach Hotel Dittrich and can look over the lake there.

We drive on and come to rp 22 on the Automotive Testing Papenburg.
Various test tracks, fully equipped workshops and associated test facilities and a technical team are available to all national and international car manufacturers and their suppliers for the performance of test activities.

Arriving in Papenburg we drive along the Hauptkanal. Here rp 26 old ships are in the canal. This is a taste of what we will see later.
And then we arrive at rp 28 de Meyer Werft, where large cruise ships are being built. Ship models and an example booth can be admired in the Visitor Center of the Meyer Werft.

We drive on and go for Kreisstadt Leer at rp 31 over the Jann Berghaus Brucke. After Leer we go over a few dike roads and then cross the pound at rp 33. After the crossing with the cable pound we continue on the dikes and then arrive at our Biker Hotel Zur Schanze again.

This route gets 3.5 stars from me because the route has not yet been driven by me.
The rp 34 is therefore between skips 33 and 34 and is therefore skipping.
This route has been adapted for MRA Navigation / Garmin and TomTom.
Thulsfelder Talsperre
Papenburg Mayer Werft
Useful links:
Biker Hotel Zur Schanze
Thulsfelder Talsperre
Meyer Werft

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