Chaves to Viseu via the River Douro Valley
Bridge over the river Douro at Pinhão. RP 7
This route avoids the major roads and takes you on a journey through the Portuguese countryside. It starts and ends at hotels and I will include links to these below this review.
From the hotel, it will take approximately 1.5 hrs to reach the River Douro, a little longer if you stop for lots of pictures. You will have noticed that there are no green route point markers that usually indicate places to stop for a nice picture, this is because there are so many nice places that I have left the choice to you.
I have suggested a place to stop for a coffee when you reach the River Douro at Pinhão, park by the railway station and admire the gorgeous blue and white tiles that depict a variety of Portuguese scenes.

Pinhão is a small, sleepy town that just happens to be in the heart of Port wine country. You only have to look around to see that you are literally surrounded by vines, as the climate is ideal for the grapes that make Port wine. While the small town is quiet and calm for most of the year, the autumn harvest always brings a lively bunch of workers and tourists to town.
The Douro Valley has been a Unesco World Heritage site since 2001 and is a majestic wilderness and one of the oldest demarcated wine regions in the world. The bridge here was designed by Gustav Eiffel (yes that one) and we use it to cross over the Douro and enter the beautiful valley.
The route follows the river for 60 miles (95 kms), quite often at a high level but constantly twisting and turning and always with a view to the river and terraced vineyards, some famous ones too, like the Sandeman's Vineyard at route point 8.
The route finally leaves the river and stops for lunch at a lovely little town called Castelo de Paiva. There is a square here with parking and a good choice of restaurants.

Although the Douro Valley is said to have some of the most beautiful scenery in Portugal, the route after lunch will not disappoint you with its own stunning views and the fantastic twisty N225 that will take you to Castro Daire some 40 miles (65 kms) away. The N225 typifies the reason that bikers love Portugal, almost empty roads with lots of bends and quite a good surface.
The route joins the iconic N2 at Castro Daire, this road runs for the entire length of Portugal, north to south and has been compared to the famous Route 66 but better! After 20 miles on the N2 you will reach the budget hotel at Viseu.

Typical scenery. RP6
Sandeman's Vinyard. In the heart of the Douro Valley. RP 8.
Useful links:
Hotel 4 Estacoes
Hotel Viseu Garden

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