Roundtrip Bornholm
Published: 22/12/2020
Typisch Deense huizen te over op Bornholm
We start the route in Rønne, where you arrive by boat. In Rønne itself there is a nice museum about Bornholm (RP3) and an old trading building with a beautiful garden behind it (Erichsens Gård). The old center of Rønne is also very beautiful (RP2).

From Rønne we drive along the coast to the north and there we first reach a forest (Blykobbe Plantage, RP4) with a small lake close to the sea (Pyritsøen). There is also a quarry nearby. Put down your motorcycle and take a nice walk. After about 20 minutes you will have seen most of it. Further on we arrive at Kullatippan (RP5), a special rock formation by the sea. Impressive to watch. We drive through the port of Hasle. Not really a special place, so we continue to Heiligpeder (RP8). There we drive a short detour via the beach and the rocks there. A tiny road, right along the water. You can drive further along the sea, but at the end you have to go back a lot, so better follow the route.

We now come to Jons Kapel (RP10). A rock formation with steps down, where a hermit would have lived in the past. The caves would have been his home. Note: the stairs are quite high, make sure your condition is good! The next stop is the Bornholms Tekniske Samling museum (RP11). A collection of "technical" things, especially cars, planes and tractors. Very nice to visit.

Now comes a highlight (literally and figuratively) of Bornhom: the ruins of the castle Hammermus (RP12). A beautiful place with a lot to see. Only a few walls remain of the castle, but the surroundings are certainly worth a visit. If you fancy a cup of coffee afterwards, drive to Hammerhavn (RP13) when the weather is nice. There you can enjoy a cup of coffee from the harbor building at the harbor. Don't expect luxury and it may even be closed. If you want something more luxurious or if it is closed and you cannot continue without coffee, drive a little further to Sandvig and look for a nice spot there (RP15). There too you can sit at the harbor, but there are also various places in the town, for example Ella's or, if it is very hot, the ice cream parlor Kalas. Before you get to Sandvig, the route first takes you past a lighthouse: Hammeren fyr. A sturdy old lighthouse again in a beautiful place (RP14).

At Madsebakke you can admire prehistoric carvings in a rock on the ground (RP16). More than 3000 years old, but still very visible. We now drive through Allinge, a somewhat larger harbor town. Here you can take the boat to Christiansø, a very beautiful old island with various defenses. It is much smaller than Bornholm: you can easily walk around in less than an hour.

The route continues via Tejn and the church there (RP21) to two special pieces of nature: the waterfalls at Døndalen (RP23) and the cliffs at the art museum (RP24). The museum itself is also quite nice, but quite small. We then continue to Gudhjem, a small harbor town. The harbor (RP26) is a pleasant place, with a few beautiful old wooden houses. Also take a walk up the mountain (Bokul) for a nice view of the town and the surroundings. Gudhjem also has a modern art museum, located in an old wooden building. Also small but nice. We drive a short detour via the agricultural museum (RP27). A pleasure with all those animals. A little further on (RP28) a medieval village has been reconstructed and you can relive the Middle Ages. Or you go to the Stavehøl waterfall. Or both!

Via Østerlars and Østermarie we drive to Svaneke (finally a short drive without stops!). Unless you want to take a picture of the church in Østermarie ... In Svaneke there is a candy factory where we will take a look (RP30). You can see how they make candies there. And of course also buy something. Danes have a sweet tooth and we are happy to participate. A little further by the sea you can enjoy the view while the cannons guard you (RP31). You can also eat freshly smoked fish at Svaneken Rogeri. Perhaps it is also a good time for a snack in Svaneke itself. You eat a bit more luxurious at Restaurant 1B, Tje Tenere is a bit more relaxed and you get fast food at the Flæskestegen grill.

We continue through the white mill at Årsdale (Årsdale Mølle, RP32), along (or if you want on) the Rokkestenen, a huge rock that can wobble (RP33). Yes, that's all. The route goes back to Nexø (RP35), by the sea, where there are three attractions: the DBJ railway museum (a shed with some rail cars), the Nexø museum itself (a collection of everything: ships, paintings, old utensils) and the butterfly garden: a nice place to relax and enjoy the butterflies. The butterfly garden is not included in the route, but it is shown on the map as a POI and the route indicates where you must turn off the route to visit the butterfly garden (RP36).

We continue to the southern tip of Bornholm: Dueodde (RP37). A real beach town with a watchtower, a war museum, some remnants (bunkers) from the Second World War and a café. Take a walk, climb the tower, visit the museum and then have a drink in the cafe, it's a nice place, but quite touristy and it can be busy.

After this we start the way back to Rønne. We first pass two car museums. The first, Grubbegård Traktor Og Motor Museum (left at RP39), is more of a shed with rusty, dusty tractors, motorcycles (not motorcycles!), Mopeds, agricultural implements and a single stray Opel Ascona. I loved it: you can walk around freely and the building is beautiful in itself. If you prefer polished cars where you have to stay off and walk on the beaten track, then continue to the car museum a bit further (RP41). On the way you will pass a shop where Viking clothing and paraphernalia are made and sold (RP40). Just before Aakirkeby is another natural history museum in a very modern building (RP42).

Furthermore, it goes to a forest area with attractions: Ekkodalen (RP44). Walk to the Dronne Stones for a beautiful view over the southern part of the island and to the Gamleborg ruin. You can also continue to Lilleborg, but then you are walking a lot. Perhaps more convenient to continue the route and stop on the other side of the hill and see Lilleborg there. Lilleborg is also in ruins (RP45). The route continues past the viewing tower Rytterknægten (RP46). In the middle of a forest, a nice narrow road to and back. Further on, at Vestermarie, you pass a beautiful Lutheran church (RP47).

We come to the end of the route. Another stretch along the beach at Rønne (RP50) and then we are back to square one.

I have been to Bornholm myself and have cycled a lot. However, it is also a beautiful island on the bike. At times a bit touristy, there is a lot to do. Nature, history, beach, many museums. The roads are fine. All in all, I give this route 5 stars.
Hammershus Slotsruin
Zee, strand, rotsen: de kust van Bornholm
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