Day 05 Guernica to Villacarriedo
Published: 24/01/2021
Header Mirador de La Sía RP22
This route is part of a 10 day motorcycle vacation.

There are no scheduled stops for refueling, eating or drinking. When the opportunity arises, stop at one of the points indicated by a POI. Along the way there are several small villages with restaurants or cafes.
Hotels, sights and recommended points to stop to enjoy the view are also marked with a POI. Hotels at start and finish are indicated with a POI.

On day 5 we drive parts along the coastline but also over several passes with many vantage points (Miradors), these are well marked along the road with signs. There is often also a small parking space, so take the time to stop and enjoy the beautiful panoramas.

The roads in the route are really very good and contain many curves. You drive through changing landscapes, beautiful valleys, mountains and rocks, along rivers and lakes, so there is plenty to enjoy along the way.

You drive through Collados del Asón Natural Park (RP23), this is a nature park with parts of the river Asón, Cantabria, Spain. It was declared a natural park by Cantabria on 18 February 1999.

It is located in the Cantabrian Mountains in southeastern Cantabria, with an area of 4,740 ha, of which 4020 ha belongs to the municipality of Soba and 720 ha is private land. The altitude varies between 240 and 1,632 m above sea level.

It is characterized by limestone rocks, small beech forests and unique Cantabrian holm oaks, along with artificial meadows for livestocks. This varied habitat allows the development of a varied natural feature of the Cordillera. The park is located in an area that is traditionally very uninhabited, making it so natural and undisturbed.

There are several beautiful passes that you ride over with many beautiful curves, but beware sometimes the roads are very narrow. A number of passes are indicated with a Route point, such as;
RP6 Puerto de Las Muñecas
RP23, 24 and 25 Collado del Asón has several viewpoints, especially at RP25 there is a beautiful view of the valley.
RP26 Puerto de Alisas
RP34 BU-570 Puerto de las Estacas de Trueba
RP38, 39 and 40 Pas de La Braguía, multiple viewpoints.

You pass several beautiful and interesting places to stop along the way. A number are given with an RP, such as;
RP10. The beautiful castle Castillo de Santa Ana
RP12 Playa 2a de la Pequena laguna, nice place to have a drink and enjoy the view over the bay.
RP22 Puerto de la Sia
RP33 Beautiful old stone bridge across the Trueba

I appreciate this with 5 stars because of the beautiful roads and beautiful different panoramas
RP13. Playa de las Arenillas
RP36 CA-631 Cantabriä
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About this region
The Tour of the Basque Country (Officially: Itzulia Basque Country, Spanish: Vuelta al País Vasco, Basque: Euskal Herriko Itzulia) is an annual cycling stage race held in the Spanish Basque Country in April. It is one of the races that make up the UCI World Tour calendar. As the Basque Country is a mountainous area, there are few flat stages, and thus the event favors those who are strong climbers. The race is characterized by its short stages, rarely exceeding 200 km, and steep ascents. While the ascents featured in the race aren't particularly high compared to other stage races, they are among the steepest seen in professional cycling, some having sections with gradients reaching well above 20%.
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The 10 routes are:

1. el Pont de Suert to Sabinanigo
2. Figueres to Coll de Nargo
3. Villacarriedo to Potes
4. Caldes to Jaca
5. Jaca to Bilbao
6. Roundtrip Picos
7. Girona to Peramola
8. Peramola to Caldes
9. Guernica to Villacarriedo
10. Sabinanigo to Gernica
View route collection Ten Day Roadtrip from Spain to Portugal
About this route collection
This route collection describes a 10-day Road trip in the north of Spain and Portugal, a true paradise for motorcycling.

You drive over beautiful mountain ridges and through beautiful valleys. Along the way you drive through beautiful villages and countless nature reserves, great passes with countless curves, tunnels cut out of the mountains and azure blue reservoirs. The roads are fair to good, sometimes unpaved.

What you get to see along the way;
Spanish Pyrenees
Parc Naturel del Cadi-Moixero
Serra del Cadí
Serra de Moixeró
Serra del Monsec
Collada de Clarà
Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido
Collados del Asón Natural Park.
Parque natural Saja-Besaya
Parque natural de Fuentes Carrionas y Fuente Cobre
Parque natural de la Montana de Riano y Mampodre
Picos de Europa
El Parque regional Montaña de Riaño y Mampodre
El Parque natural de Redes
The Sierra de la Culebra
Parque natural Montesinho

Along the routes there are more than enough nice places to stop for a short or longer period, these are described in the review and with a waypoint and POI included in the routes.

Have fun reading and planning your next motorcycle vacation.
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