MTG1 04 Gerardmer LaBresse Cornimont LeThillot and roundtrip BallondAlsac
Published: 26/10/2019
Route des Finesses Cornimont to Le Thillot (D486)
This route from the Motorbike guide France part 1 is a tour of Ballon d'Alsace

Bert Loorbach, the writer, is an enthusiastic motorcyclist himself and lived in France for a year and a half. During that time he devoted himself to mapping the unknown and beautiful roads of France especially for motorcyclists.

This is the fourth route from the book. Start in Gérardmer and end in Chernay.
There are hotels and campsites in the vicinity, which are listed as POIs.
There are several beautiful passes (cols) in this route, such as the Col du Haut de la Côte, the Col de Grosse Pierre and the Col La Gentiane.

The ride starts in Gérardmer, which lies between the mountains covered with dense pine forests on the largest lake in the Vosges; Lac de Gérardmer. This is a nice base for several journeys and this is one of the three routes that start here.

The first part of the route goes to La Bresse where we drive the Col de Grosse Pierre and drive through a beautiful valley.
From La Bresse we follow the D486 which runs along the Moselotte river to Cornimont. From Cornimont we drive through a beautiful valley to Le Thillot (see the header photo), where you can stop to have a cup of coffee in one of the cafes.

From Le Thillot we drive 6 km on the N6 to the exit (RP3) that marks the start of the circuit that runs right through the Ballons des Vosges regional park and takes you past the famous Ballon d'Alsace. This road is among the French motorcyclists in the top 10 of the most beautiful roads in France. So take the time to enjoy this road and the beautiful panoramas. There are plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the surroundings.

The 1247 meter high Ballon d'Alsace is a mountain in France in the south of the Vosges. The Mont Blanc can be seen from the top in good weather. The road that connects the Moselle valley in the north with the Savoureuse valley in the south and the Doller in the east, passes at 1171 meters above the summit over a pass. The Ballon d'Alsace is also very popular with cyclists, so keep in mind that it can be busy and ride at the right speed.

The first part immediately contains a number of nice hairpin bends and at RP5 you pass the hotel where you stay in the evening, so it is an option to stop and check in and leave luggage.

You drive the Rue de Ballon d'Alsace clockwise, the first part is a beautiful descent in a wooded area. The route offers beautiful panoramas along the way and if you drive an adventure machine you can also occasionally deviate from the route and take unpaved roads, I have indicated two with pink Route points (RP7 and RP12).

The first point to stop and take pictures is Lac d'Alfeld (RP6), this is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Vosges and really beautiful. You can also walk.

In Masevaux-Niederbruck (RP8) there is possibility to visit the Museum for the Historical Society. The museum is a 50 meter walk from the parking space in the center. This village also has many small restaurants and cafes for something to drink and / or eat, so a longer stop is an option.

The route continues via Masevaux, Rougemont le Château, Grosmagny, Petitmagny and Giromagny, this is also a very beautiful road also known as La Trouée de Belfort and is a narrow passage between the Vosges and the Jura mountains.

At Rouge route you deviate from the original route for a while to follow the D24 and if you have neither had lunch, this is possible at RP11 (note that it closes at 13:30). The D24 is a beautiful winding road and from Giromagny you follow the original route again, which goes up to the end point on the Ballon d'Alsace with a few very beautiful hairpin bends from RP15.

At the top of the mountain you have arrived at hotel Hôtel du Sommet where you can spend the night. There may also be a campsite near the village of Oberbruck (between RP6 and RP7).

Take the time for this route; you can occasionally deviate from the road and turn into a small road somewhere that is not on the route; please note, some roads can be very narrow and gravel roads.

Along the route there are not many places of interest to visit, but because of the beautiful nature and nice steering roads I still rate this route with 5 stars.

Tip: If you have enough time, you can also reverse the route.

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RP6 Lac dAlfeld
RP15 some nice hairpins on Ballon d'Alsace
Useful links:
Camping Ramberchamp
Hôtel L'Écho du Lac
RP9 Museum National History
Hôtel du Sommet
Camping Rural de Hagenbach

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