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Published: 26/10/2019
Bert Loorbach, the writer, is an enthusiastic motorcyclist himself and lived in France for a year and a half. During that time he devoted himself to mapping the unknown and beautiful roads of France especially for motorcyclists.

This is the sixth route from the Motorbike Guide and this route crosses five departments and avoids larger towns. He takes us from the Vosges to the Jura and the precursors of the Alps and starts in Bains-Les-Bains.
There are hotels and campsites in the vicinity, which are listed as POIs.

You drive via the D164 to Luxeuil-Le-Bains (RP3). This city (spa) covered with a deciduous forest has a beautiful architectural heritage, including many city palaces from the 15th and 16th centuries: the Spanish house, the house of Le Bailli, the house of Cardinal Jouffroy and its balcony in late Gothic style, the oldest hanging stone balcony in France; the house of the spiritual French I, worn on arches, the octagonal tower of the Aldermen, archaeological museum and much more and certainly worth planning a sight seeing stop.

From Luxeuil-Les-Bains the journey continues on the D74 to Lure, this road runs through the area of the thousand small lakes.
From Lure you continue on the D486 to Villersexel, here you can stop to stretch your legs. Worth a visit is the Chateau de Villersexel. Parking at RP9.

After Villersexel you continue the journey via the D9 and D50 to Baumes-Les-Dames, this place is located in a somewhat wider part of the Doubs valley. The road is wonderfully relaxed to drive with the occasional beautiful views. In Baumes-Les-Dames there is a possibility to have lunch.

You drive via Grotte de La Glacière (RP13), a prehistoric cave with eternal ice, to Ouhans to see the origins of the Loue river, we drive along narrow winding roads to RP14. It is a 30-minute walk from the parking lot, but the spectacular spectacle of the river that is "born" of the rocks is definitely worth it.

From Ouhans we drive to Ornans (RP16), nicknamed the Little Venice of the Comté, offering the city of Ornans a lot of charm with its beautiful, old houses on stilts that reflect in the water of the Loue. This beautiful, picturesque whole can be admired from the Great Bridge and the pedestrian bridge that spans the river.
The Courbet Museum, which is located in the birthplace of the painter Gustave Courbet and which exhibits numerous works by this famous artist, is worth a visit for the enthusiast.

Via the beautiful D101 we drive to Scey-en-Varais, on the mountain stand the ruins of the castle St. Denis. Via the winding roads D9 and D492 you drive back to Salins-les-Bains, from where you follow the D467 to Lac de Chalain (RP21), where you can stop to enjoy the view over the beautiful lake.

The next town is Doucier, here are many rivers, lakes and waterfalls nearby. At RP23 you can visit the most beautiful waterfall “Cascades de l'Herisson”, for which you have to deviate about 8 kilometers from the route, definitely worth it.

Via Pont-de-Poitte and the Vouglans reservoir you drive to the end point of the Montreal La Cluse ride where you can spend the night at campsites or hotels around Lake Lac de Nantua.

Hotels, campsites, places of interest, parking spaces and restaurants are included as POI.

I appreciate this route with 4 stars because of the many sights and beautiful nature along the way. The roads are beautiful but not really challenging.

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RP11 Lake Lac de Chalain
Thoirette, Bridge accros river Ain
Useful links:
Hôtel-Restaurant des Sources Bains-Les-Bains
Camping le Signal Montreal La Cluse
Hotel Restaurant L'Embarcadère Montreal La Cluse

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The routes have been carefully made by Bert Loorbach, who himself is an enthusiastic motorcyclist. He lived in France for a year and a half and during that time he focused on mapping the unknown and beautiful roads of France especially for motorcyclists.

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