Vercors Rundtour von Autrans via Pont en Royans und Combe Laval
Combe Laval RP 8
THE VERCORS - Breathtaking scenery guaranteed
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The Vercors is a high plateau criss-crossed by deep valleys (calcareous plateau) west of the French Alps. It is also the largest national park in France. The originality / virginity of the landscape is omnipresent and almost physically palpable. The "cruising" through the Vercors has almost a meditative character. In every valley, after every bend, the unexpected awaits you, the numerous and diverse sceneries are almost unbelievable.
Keep your camera ready at all times and make sure you have time for several short stops - it's worth it!

Hightlight: PONT-EN-ROYANS
And suddenly there is this Pont-en-Royans built into the rocks. As if out of nowhere, after passing through a bottleneck in the Bourne Gorge, the town suddenly lies (or better hangs) in front of you.
A longer stop (ideally with overnight) can only be recommended. Not a few use the rest to drive again some sections of the Bourne Gorge. But also Pont-en-Royans has a lot to offer culturally and also for the appropriate physical well-being is provided for each / woman.

Highlight: COMBE LAVAL
For tour riders, probably the most famous stretch of track in the Vercors. Although only a few kilometers (about 3km) long, this is carved into the rock passage, almost a myth. Before, as well as in the section, there are numerous possibilities for photos. If you follow the road to the other side of the gorge, you have a direct view of the rock ledge of the Combe Laval.

Since we arrived with the van / camper, we opted for the local campsite in Autrans.
The place is clean, well furnished and the staff was very friendly.

The general road condition is good to very good, a quiet and safe ride is nothing in the way. The round trip is suitable for relaxed "enjoyment cruising" in a varied scenery with outstanding highlights. The route can be driven by all types of drivers (solo or with social / passenger).

Due to the generally good road condition and the impressive scenery, I rate this round trip with 3 stars.
Pont-en-Royans RP 5
Bourne Canyon RP 4
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