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The prettiest verified routes in Provence Alpes Cote d Azur

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Provence Alpes Cote d Azur
The images and text displayed here originate from the Wikipedia article "Provence Alpes Cote d Azur", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.
About this region
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (French pronunciation: ​[pʁɔvɑ̃s‿alp kot d‿azyʁ]; Occitan: Provença-Aups-Còsta d'Azur, [pɾuˈvɛnso̞ ˈawps ˈkɔsto̞ daˈzyɾ], or Provença-Alps-Còsta d'Azur, [pɾuˈvɛnso̞ ˈalps ˈkɔsto̞ daˈzyɾ]; commonly shortened to PACA; English: Provence-Alps-French Riviera; also known as Région Sud) is one of the eighteen administrative regions of France, the far southeastern on the mainland. Its prefecture and largest city is Marseille. The region is roughly coterminous with the former French province of Provence, with the addition of the following adjacent areas: the former papal territory of Avignon, known as Comtat Venaissin; the former Sardinian-Piedmontese County of Nice, whose coastline is known in English as the French Riviera and in French as the Côte d'Azur; and the southeastern part of the former French province of Dauphiné, in the French Alps. Previously known by the acronym PACA, the region adopted the name Région Sud as a commercial name or nickname in December 2017. 5,007,977 people live in the region according to the 2015 census. It encompasses six departments in Southeastern France: Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Alpes-Maritimes, Bouches-du-Rhône, Hautes-Alpes, Var and Vaucluse. It is bounded to the east by the France–Italy border, to the south by the Mediterranean Sea and by the Principality of Monaco, to the north by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and to the west by Occitanie, with the Rhône marking its westernmost border. The region logotype displays the coat of arms created in the 1990s and which combines the coats of arms of the old provinces making up Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. The region's economy is the third largest in France, just behind Île-de-France and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Its GDP in 2012 was €142.4 billion (US$183.1 billion) while its per capita GDP was €28,861 ($US 37,121).
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Route collections
The route collections by MyRoute-app are collections of multiple routes that belong to each other and checked by MRA RouteXperts. All routes are identical for TomTom, Garmin and MyRoute-app Navigation.
View route collection The 10 most downloaded routes in France from RouteXpert Hans van de Ven
About this route collection
Hello and welcome to this collection of the Top 10 MyRoute app downloaded routes in France.

There will be a great new event to be announced soon, where all these routes can be driven.
Download them all now and place them in a new "Top 10" folder, so that you always have them at hand.

If you are going to drive one of these routes in the meantime, track them with the MRA Mobile App or with MRA Navigation. Take some photos (moments) along the way as these will come in handy.
Create a travelogue of your Top 10 driven routes and add the recorded track to it.

There will also be some great prizes on offer, so keep an eye on the MRA-RouteXperts page and your mail.

The 10 routes are:
1. Villard de Lans through the wild Vercors
2. Provence Mountains and Lakes
3. From Saint Michel de Maurienne to Barcelonnette South of the Col du Galibier
4. Western Alps from Barcelonnette to St Sauveur sur Tinee
5. R03 Round trip Ribeauville
6. Round trip Appietto Asco Appietto
7. Round trip Appietto Osani Appietto
8. R05 Round trip Urbes
9. R04 Ribeauville to Urbes
10. R02 Wissembourg to Ribeauville
View route collection Tours in the Drome and surrounding departments from Chalancon
About this route collection
The Drôme is a beautiful area to ride, with its medium-high mountains, canyons, cols, hairpin bends, fantastic views and also excellent asphalt roads, the Drôme is a dream destination for motorcyclists and nature lovers. From Chalancon, the neighboring departments such as the Hautes Alpes, Alpes Hautes Provence and the Ardèche are also within easy driving distance, making the number of highlights to be reached seem almost inexhaustible. Destinations such as Mont Ventoux, Col de la Bonette, Galibier, Alpe d'Huez, Combe Laval, Lac de Serres Poncon and Vallon Pont d'Arc are a few of them. The start and end points of these routes are all at a great motorcycle hotel just outside Chalancon at Col de Chamauche.
View route collection Tour around Switzerland
About this route collection
The Alps, a mountain range in Europe stretching from the French Mediterranean coast in the southwest to the Pannonian plain in the east, almost always guarantee beautiful routes. It can hardly be boring there. The many passes, views and variations in the landscape make the Alps a true motorcycle paradise.
Switzerland is central to this paradise and is surrounded on all sides by countries where it is beautiful steering on fantastic roads.
The 7 routes of this collection lead you around Switzerland, of course this beautiful country itself is also visited. You will pass through beautiful areas such as the Alps, the French and Swiss Jura and the Black Forest.

A few attractions are discussed per route in the review. These often tell something about the history of the area in which you are driving. So educational. Many places have also been indicated where you can find some entertainment, such as a toboggan run. You are completely free to visit these sights, you can of course also determine your own interesting points.
But the most important thing you've probably traveled to this area for is simply driving. And as mentioned above, you are in a true motorcycle paradise where the steering is fantastic!

Each route ends at a hotel (except the last one which ends at the train station in Innsbruck). It is of course not an obligation to use these hotels, you can always find another place to stay in the area, you are completely free. However, my experience is that they are all simple but good hotels for a very reasonable price. They are known and can be booked via

The routes of these collections:

R01 - Innsbruck to Chiuro, 301km
R02 - Chiuro to Brig, 279km
R03 - Brig to Bourg Saint Maurice, 288km
R04 - Bourg St Maurice to St Etienne de Cuines, 307km
R05 - St Etienne de Cuines to Metabief, 295km
R06 - Metabief to Fuerstenberg, 305km
R07 - Fuerstenberg to Innsbruck, 335km

Have fun riding these routes!
View route collection 24 Magnificent routes in France
About this route collection
That France is one of the most beautiful and best touring countries is beyond doubt. It offers an incredibly varied landscape with good roads and a pleasant climate. It is not for nothing that you see so many motorcyclists there. My previous collection of 25 routes in France (25 Magnificent routes in France) were based on the route descriptions from the Motorbike Guide France part 1 made by Bert Loorbach.

This collection of 24 routes comes from Motortourgids France part 2. With this collection a difference has been made between approach routes and motorcycle tours in a certain area. The approach routes can also be used in combination with the routes from Motortourgids France part 1

The routes are sometimes slightly adjusted based on the tips that Bert Loorbach gives in his description, or because of a different place to spend the night, or to achieve the minimum length of 2 hours for the MRA Library. For each route there is a more detailed description in the review, including options for accommodation or places of interest along the way, which are also indicated with a POI and, if possible, with a short description.

Two or more routes have been made for a number of areas, such as Burgundy, Auvergne, The Alps, Tarn and Cévennen and Nord-Pas de Calais. These routes can be nicely combined in a multi-day trip.
View route collection 25 Magnificent routes in France
About this route collection
This MRA route collection contains 25 beautiful motorcycle routes in different parts of France, such as the Ardennes, Alsace, Vercors, the Drôme, the Ardèche, Cote d'Azure, Gorges du Verdon, the Ariège, the Dordogne and Brittany.

The routes have been carefully made by Bert Loorbach, who himself is an enthusiastic motorcyclist. He lived in France for a year and a half and during that time he focused on mapping the unknown and beautiful roads of France especially for motorcyclists.

The routes are bundled in the Motortourgids France part 1 of Kosmos publishing house and now also available in MyRouteApp.

I have taken over the routes in MRA and sometimes adjusted something to make them even more interesting for the motorcyclist.
View route collection The 24 Most Beautiful Alps Routes
About this route collection
The Alps, the Alps are a mountain range in Europe, stretching from the French Mediterranean coast in the southwest to the Pannonian plain in the east. The area of the mountains is more than 200,000 km².

In other words Passes and Mountain roads!

Driving through the mountains is great! Certainly over the mountain passes with hairpin bends and narrow winding roads. Every turn a different view where you can enjoy. There are many beautiful mountain passes in the Alps.

A selection that is also processed in these routes:
The Stleviopas:
The Stelvio Pass, also known as Passo dello Stelvio, is best known for the stage in the Giro d'Italia. In cycling, this pass is seen as one of the toughest tests due to the length and the difference in height. The Stelviopas reaches a maximum height of 2758 meters and is therefore one of the highest in the Alps. Bormio and Prato Allo Stelvio are connected to the pass. The pass is closed in winter due to heavy snowfall.

The Reschen pass:
The Reschen Pass, also known as Passo di Resia, connects the Austrian state of Tyrol with the Italian province of South Tyrol. The pass reaches a maximum height of 1504 meters and has been one of the most important north-south connections in the Alps in recent centuries. The pass was used well before Roman times. Along the way you pass multiple highlights and historical remains. One of the highlights is the Reschensee. This lake was created after the construction of the dam and has completely drained the village of Graun. The only thing that is reminded of this is the clock tower in the middle of the lake.

Col du Galibier:
The French mountain pass Col du Galibier connects the towns of Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne and Briançon via the Col du Lautaret in the south and the Col du Télégraphe in the north. The mountain pass is part of the Tour de France and very feared, due to the fact that it is only accessible via the other two mountain passes. The pass reaches a maximum height of 2646 meters. From there you can take a walk to the viewpoint at 2704 meters. You can admire the peaks of the Grand Galibier, Mont Blanc and La Meije, among others.

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road:
With a height of 3798 meters, the Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria. In order to optimally enjoy this impressive mountain, you can drive along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and associated pass. The route starts from Bruck am Grossglockner and ends in Heiligenblut. You can of course drive both ways. The pass reaches a maximum height of 2504 meters and is closed in winter due to the heavy snowfall. Along the way you pass several stops with fun activities, information points, mountain huts and viewpoints. We recommend a visit to the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe and Pasterzen glacier.

The Col d'Izoard:
Just like the Col du Galibier, the Col d'Izoard is also part of a stage of the Tour de France. The mountain pass connects Briançon with the valley of the Guil river. The pass lies partly in the Regional Natural Park of Queyras and reaches a maximum height of 2360 meters. The bare and rocky landscape is special about the Col d'Izoard. It sometimes seems as if you are driving over the moon by car! Along the way you can stop at several points to enjoy the beautiful view.

The Bernina pass:
The Bernina Express is one of the most famous rail trains in Switzerland and the Alps. The route is beautiful and partly included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Parallel to the railway line is the Bernina Pass, which connects the Veltlindal with the Egandin Valley. This beautiful Alpine road has a total length of 56 kilometers and reaches a maximum height of 2328 meters. Along the way you can enjoy views of the Morteratsch Glacier, among other things.

The Sella pass:
The Sella pass, also known as Passo di Sella, takes you on one of the most impressive mountain ranges of the Dolomites: the Sella massif. The pass connects Valle di Fassa with Val Gardena and reaches a maximum height of 2236 meters. At this altitude is also the border of the Italian provinces of Trentino and Bolzano. Along the way you can enjoy the view of this spectacular mountain world. Admire, for example, the three peaks of the Sasso Lungo mountain range, the Sella mountain range or the peaks of the Marmolada. You can also drive the Sella pass in combination with the Gardena pass, Pordoi pass and Campolongo pass.

The Grimsel pass:
The Grimsel Pass connects Goms in Wallis with the Halis Valley in the Bernese Oberland. The pass reaches a maximum height of 2165 meters and is closed in winter due to snowfall. The mountain pass has played an important role in trade between Switzerland and Italy over the centuries. Now it is mainly the reservoirs that have an important function. These are used for the generation of electricity. The landscape you drive through is rugged, rocky and impressive. On top of the pass is a hotel and a restaurant with a special marmot park. The Dodensee (Totensee) is also located here. This lake owes its name to the many fallen soldiers in the time of Napoleon.

The Gotthard pass:
The Gotthard pass, also called Passo del San Gottardo and Sint-Gotthard, connects the Swiss towns of Airolo and Andermatt. The mountain pass and associated tunnel are best known among holidaymakers who travel from Switzerland to Italy. But where the majority opts for the tunnel, it is precisely the pass that really makes the holiday complete. The Gotthard pass has a length of approximately 26 kilometers and reaches a maximum height of 2106 meters. The route is beautiful and takes you past old villages and beautiful views.

The Silvretta High Alpine Road and Silvretta Pass:
The Paznaun Valley in Tyrol and the Montafon in Vorarlberg are connected by the Silvretta Hochalpenstraße. The route has a length of 22.3 kilometers and leads from Galtür to Partenen in 34 hairpin bends, via the 2032 meter high Bielerhöhe. At this point is also the Silvrettasee, where you can walk. The pass is closed in winter due to snowfall.

The Simplon pass:
Just like the Gotthard pass, many holidaymakers travel the Simplon pass every year. This mountain pass connects the Rhone valley in the Valais canton with the Valle d'Ossola in Piedmont. The pass is open all year round and reaches a maximum height of 2005 meters. Along the way you pass a number of buildings, including the famous Simplon-Hospiz from 1825. The hospiz is managed by the monks of St. Bernard. From the highest point on the pass all kinds of walking routes are possible and you will also come across a hotel where you can spend the night.

The Gerlospas:
The Gerlos Pass connects the Salzachtal in the Salzburgerland with the Zillertal in Tyrol. The pass is part of the Gerlos Alpenstraße and runs right through the Hohe Tauern National Park. Along the way you can enjoy beautiful views of the surroundings. The pass has a length of 12 kilometers and reaches a maximum height of 1531 meters. A ride on the Gerlos Pass is ideal to combine with a visit to the Krimmler Wasserfälle.

The Great St. Bernhard Pass:
The Great St. Bernhard Pass, better known as the Col du Grand Saint Bernard, connects the Italian province of Valle d'Aosta with the Swiss canton of Valais. The pass is one of the highest in Switzerland and reaches a maximum height of 2469 meters. Just like a number of other mountain passes in this list, the Great St. Bernhard Pass has been used for centuries as a connecting road. The pass has its name to think of the St. Bernard dogs who used to help stranded travelers with the monks. The pass is closed in winter.

The Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstrasse:
The Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstrasse connects the towns of Sölden in the Ötztal and Meran in South Tyrol. Toll must be paid on the route Hochgurgl - Moos. Via a mountain road with around 60 hairpin bends you drive through a beautiful mountain world. With the Timmelsjoch Experience you can find out more about the history, the road and the surroundings from various stations. You can also visit the Top Mountain Crosspoint museum.

Col de l'Iséran:
With a maximum pass height of 2770 meters, the Col l'Iséran is one of the highest mountain passes in the Alps. The pass connects Bourg-Saint-Maurice with Bonneval-sur-Arc. You pass Val-d'Isère and a side valley of the Maurienne, which is located entirely in the Vanoise National Park, along a road full of hairpin bends. You can spot animals such as marmots and chamois and there is also a restaurant with a chapel on top of the pass.

The Gaviapas:
The Gaviapass (Italian Passo di Gavia) is a mountain pass in the Italian Alps, in the Lombardy region.
It is one of the highest pass roads in Europe. The road leads right through the unspoilt Stelvio National Park. The road was laid in the First World War for the supply of Italian soldiers who fought in the Italian-Austrian border area. The pass height is one of the most beautiful in the Alps. Here lies the large Lago Bianco with, to the north, the mountain San Matteo (3684 meters). The Lago Nero is slightly lower on the south side of the pass. The Adamello mountain group determines the view here. Many well-marked walks have been plotted in the area. During the winter the pass is closed due to the enormous snowfall. The pass is often closed until May and June due to the large amount of snow.

Promoter has made a selection of the 24 Most Beautiful Alps routes they have plotted in recent years.

The routes continue through:

The most beautiful roads, the most beautiful views, the most beautiful viewpoints. The highest mountains, the fastest descents, hairpin bend after hairpin bend, you name it you can't get enough.

Are you going on holiday in this region, take advantage of it, ALL routes in this collection have been checked and made the same for TomTom, Garmin and MyRoute-app Navigation by a RouteRpert MyRoute-app.

Have fun with this collection and while driving one of these routes. Enjoy all the beauty that the Alps and the Dolomites have to offer. Click on “View route” to read the review of the chosen route.

I would like to hear your findings about the route (s).

MTG1 13 Les Calanques Martigues Marseilles Cassis Toulon Grimaud Cogolin
View route
Expert rating:
Countries in this route:
MTG1 12 St Remy Baux Arles Camargue Saintes Maries De La Mer
View route
Expert rating:
Countries in this route:
MTG1 15 Roundtrip Gorges du Verdon Moustiers Ste Marie Lac de Sainte Croix
View route
Expert rating:
Countries in this route:
MTG1 14 StTropez Grimaud Frejus Menton StRaphael Cannes Nice Monaco Menton
View route
Expert rating:
Countries in this route:
Rondrit Gorges du Verdon vanuit Castellane
View route
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Countries in this route:
Barcelonnette Lac de Serre-Poncon
View route
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MTG2 15 French Alpes Bourg St Maurice Val d Isere Modane La Grave
View route
Expert rating:
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MTG2 16 French Alpes La Grave Briancon Barcelonnette
View route
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R04 - Bourg St Maurice to St Etienne de Cuines
View route
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Countries in this route:
Route des Grandes Alpes van Castellane naar Avrieux
View route
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Countries in this route: