UK Scotland 02 Nine Mile Burn to Blairgowrie 250km svd
Scotland Travel; 9 Days Singletrack Roads
Day 3: Hopefully you have slept well and can enjoy your first Scottish breakfast? No muscle pain from driving and walking yesterday? Beautiful! Suitcases on the bike and call that loft!
Today we are going to see both the Falkirk Wheel and the Forth Bridge; both iconic landmarks, and each in their own time the epitome of British Engineering.
The route today is again about 250 kilometers, so time enough to see things and quietly somewhere to eat. Please note, you are just awake and you will be arriving at the parking lot, keep LINKS on!
We drive towards Edinburgh, but turn underneath. If you still want to take a look, or want to drive through Edinburgh, of course you can. Drive to the POI Edinbugh Castle, then you're in the middle of the city and pick up the route at RP3 again. We try to pick up the singletrack again as quickly as possible and then we are on our way to Falkirk, on beautiful roads like at RP10.
At RP13 we are at Falkirk Wheel. You put the motor (free of charge) next to the building with the shop and you can possibly deposit it in for safekeeping. Going for a walk and looking at the phenomenal example of engineering, a boat lift that connects Union Canal with the lower Forth and Clyde Canal. There is a lot to see and you can possibly book a round trip incl lift.
After seeing Falkirk, we get back up and drive to The Kelpies, the world-famous artwork of metal horses. We cross the river Forth and follow it to the East and thus pass Culross Burgh, certainly worth a look, and in the immediate vicinity you will find more sights. RP16 guides you along.
Following the Forth we come to the second example of construction-with-metal. The Forth Bridge, seen from North Queensferry. Drive to RP18, there is the smallest (and still working) lighthouse that you have ever seen.
On your way to the North you drive underneath the striking masonry buttresses of the railway bridge, at RP19. From here we follow the East Coast for a while, on our way to the North and arrive at RP21 past Aberdour Castle & Garden.
If you come along at the right time of the year here is a beautiful garden, well worth a visit. And if you like gardening, gardening or just a nice hedge, just take a look at the Meikleour Beech Hedges at RP38.
Refueling (and possibly good food at the Laird's House) can already be done at RP35 and then you can take off the motorcycle boots at B7B Ridgeway. Air-B & B avant-la-lettre.
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