UK Scotland 05 Thurso to Garve 263km svd

Scotland Travel; 9 Days Singletrack Roads Day 6: From Thurso to Garve Today is a special day, because about halfway you can choose what you do. We come naturally, RP9 is a War Memorial where you could stop and then decide what you do. Follow the North coast until Durness, or through the plains and past Loch Loyal Lodge. Both sides are fantastic, so I leave you the choice. Maybe it's affecting again? Just look ... We leave at least from Thurso and a few minutes from the B & B is a large Lidl and a gas station. I suggest that you strike at both, we go into an empty and vast Scotland, with few opportunities on the way to eat, drink, or refuel somewhere. 20 minutes away you will find RP5, apparently in the middle of nowhere. This point, however, is at the beginning of a path, where you (carefully!) Could drive a bit and then get off the engine. Why? Because a piece of walking down the coast, Puffin Cove. It is a short walk over the godfather (keep to the left of the breach) and some climbing, but then you come to a beautiful cove, with (you never guessed) puffins, puffins! You have to be lucky, we have seen one, the rest was steady fishing, but it was a great adventure, even without those special birdsBack at the engine we turn the road again and drive to the West.Lovely views, beautiful clouds and with the light behind you, beautiful photo opportunities. Ride to RP6, and just go down the path on the right, and drive to RP7. Enjoy the view ... Then you come to RP8, and that is also a point where you can choose what you do. Follow the main road, then you will automatically reach RP9 and if you want you can still choose the road to Durness. At RP8 you enter the narrow road on the left B871, you miss RP9 and you come back on the route of today at RP11. Check Google Maps, Streetview and Google Earth what appeals the most and choose your way.RP9. War Memorial. Take a look and then continue your way, either this route or "the other" Both options are in this folder. Whichever you choose, it will not disappoint you. Go to the South, then you come to RP12 at Falls of Shin, a beautiful waterfall with a nice place for a stop. You can not miss it haha. We drive on, and if you have gone crazy with the western route, you just come back to RP14 and drive through Ullapool. Especially if you have continued to follow the coast, you could also continue to sleep (close to) Ullapool. We drive on for a while (but that is also possible the next day) and at RP17 we pass a dam, and our final destination is Garve, and to be honest, it is not a world city. And the B & B was OK-ish. but certainly not great. Well nice dinner and breakfast, that was fine and a nice beer with it makes a lot of good.
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Ada of Scotland (died after 1206), also known as Ada of Huntingdon, was a member of the Scottish royal house who became Countess of Holland by marriage to Floris III, Count of Holland.
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