Round trip from Poole including New Forest
RP 17 Typical scenery
Starting from McDonalds in Poole, this route soon leaves the larger roads behind and takes you into beautiful countryside and passing through the occasional small village, the historic buildings having thatched roofs and a particularly attractive mixture of flint and brick for their walls.

The route uses the infamous Zig Zag Hill and this is what the Dangerous Roads website says about it:
“Zig Zag hill is one of the best driving roads in Great Britain. It’s part of the B3081 road and is located near Shaftesbury, in Dorset. It is said to be the windiest one mile stretch of road in Great Britain. Zig Zag Hill is like a concentrated hit of Alpine driving. It lasts for just one mile, but one could be forgiven for believing they are ascending Col de Turini. The hairpin corners are steep, leaf-covered and greasy, so caution is required!

We cross into Wiltshire and the route passes the Pythouse Kitchen Garden which is an enchanting 18th Century walled garden restaurant where you can have a coffee or pick your own fruit and vegetables from their south facing garden paradise.
This area is known as the Cranborne Chase and is an area designated as an A.O.N.B. Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This is clear to see as you travel along the roads. The route then crosses over the river Avon and into the New Forest National Park. The New Forest is one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest in Southern England and it remains a habitat for many rare birds and mammals.
The people of the New Forest are called commoners and have a right to graze their livestock on the open common land, so as well as the wild animals; you will likely encounter cattle, ponies, donkeys and even pigs roaming free and there is a maximum speed limit throughout the park of 40mph (65kph).
I have suggested a lunch stop at a really nice pub within the park called The Cuckoo Inn.

After lunch, the route will take you through more of the New Forest before crossing back over the river Avon at Fordingbridge and then back into Dorset using more small rural roads. The route passes through the tiny village of Chettle and I have suggested a coffee stop at the delightful village store before returning to Poole.
I have awarded 3 stars *** to this route. The roads, scenery and attractions are all good making this a great Sunday ride.
RP 5 local cottage
RP 22 The New Forest
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