06 Narberth to Gloucester via the Brecon Beacons National Park
Published: 02/03/2021
The Brecon Beacons National Park.
The last day of this this tour travels through one of the 3 national parks of Wales'. With mountains and moorland, standing stones and castles, lively waterfalls and vibrant communities, the Brecon Beacons National Park has masses to offer and after heading east for 1 hour you will have reached it's north western edge. In 2013 the Brecon Beacons became the world’s 5th International Dark Sky Reserve, this means that it was recognised as possessing an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights. The park is both beautiful and diverse, with rolling countryside and valleys, vast open hillsides and wildly beautiful forests, lakes, waterfalls and caves.
This route will zigzag through the national park insuring that you see some of the great landscapes on offer. The first part travels south on the Mountain Road through tree covered river valleys then up high onto the moorland. Be aware that livestock including cattle, sheep and ponies roam free on the moorland areas. The views are huge and on a clear day you can see for miles. Look out for Red Kites, they are often spotted as there is a feeding station for them nearby. They are doing very well and numbers are steadily climbing. Descending from the moorland offers equally dramatic views with plenty of places to stop for photos.
The route leaves the park briefly and passes through countryside and several small villages before turning back into the Brecon Beacons. The road becomes narrow as you reach RP 12. This is at the Henrhyd Waterfall car park, it's a short walk down from the car park but it is worth it as you can even walk behind this magnificent waterfall. The route remains on a smaller road for a short distance before joining a rural 'A road. Just after Craig-y-Nôs Castle are the National Showcaves of Wales. I have not visited these caves (yet) but after having read some reviews, I will the next time.
The 3 different caves Dan-yr-Ogof, Cathedral Cave and Bone Cave each offer a unique underground experience. In Dan-yr-Ogof, you walk through the beautifully decorated passageways for just under 1 km. In Cathedral Cave you walk through it's enormous caverns, carved out millions of years ago, and at the end of this cave experience the excitement of walking behind the 40 feet high waterfalls that cascade around you in the Dome of St Paul’s, an atmospheric end to a truly wonderful cave. And in Bone Cave, learn why 42 human skeletons were buried here, and how our ancestors used caves all those years ago.
Leaving the caves behind the route rejoins high moorland and then takes you deep into hill farming country sometimes using a very narrow single track road but offering views across the beautiful countryside and onto Brecon for lunch. Head into town from RP 21 and rejoin the route after lunch. Brecon is a nice old town and has a very good variety of shops and restaurants.
After lunch and after passing a view of the highest peak in South Wales Pen Y Fan at RP 22, the route joins my favourite road in the Brecon Beacons, the A4059 the vast open views are simply stunning. Passing the Penderyn Distillery indicates you have left the park and will be heading east through South Wales Mining country. The route mainly avoids the larger roads by using nicer rural roads as it makes it's way to Gloucester Quay at the end of this route.

I have included a link to the 2 hotels in this route and also the caves website and further info for the Brecon Beacons below this review.
RP 12. Henrhyd Waterfall.
RP 24. Beautiful even without the sun.
Useful links:
Premier Inn Hotel, Gloucester Quay.
Plas Hyfred Hotel, Narberth.
National Showcaves of Wales.
Brecon Beacons information.

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This collection of 6 routes all pass through at least 1 of the 3 spectacular national parks of Wales'. Each park is unique and individual and the landscapes vary from the vast, remote and wide open moorland of the Brecon Beacons to the rugged mountains and glistening lakes of Snowdonia and the spectacular coastline of the Pembrokeshire coast. Each is a delight to travel through and these routes will take you to some of the best beauty spots.
There are some great attractions to visit too, as well as having more than it's fair share of fantastic castles and historic buildings, there is the worlds fastest zip line, a balcony road used for world rally stages, mysterious caves and magical waterfalls and a museum of land speed records. All of these can be seen on the routes in this collection.
Although each route in this collection is a separate stand alone route, they will all link up seamlessly to make a 6 day tour that you will remember. The tour starts and ends in Gloucester which can be easily reached in a day from any of the Channel ports.
Enjoy Wales.