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Today is the third stage in England, part of a 9 day trip. The route goes to Feldbridge. The roads are generally easy to drive. Road parts with many trees along the side can stay wet for a little longer. Some caution is advised. Today you will also pass some of the many beautiful rivers that England has to offer.

You have only just left the hotel and the beautiful views are already passing by.
After 10 minutes you will cross the River Churn, a tributary of the Thames, for the first time. The views alternate between tree-lined avenues and beautiful hilly roads. From time to time you can still see a glimpse of the Churn flowing with you parallel to the road on the left.

Those who love beautiful gardens can turn right just after waypoint 4 to Cerney House and Cerney Gardens. It is a seventeenth century house surrounded by 40 hectares of gardens and parks. The character of the garden is 'traditional', not according to a certain style, but from many sources. There is a herb garden, vegetable garden, button garden, Victorian greenhouse, wooden gazebo, woodland, orchard and wild flower meadow. However, be careful if you decide to go here. It can be slippery on this road due to the green in the middle berm and the loose gravel. So caution is advised.
If you turn off you will also see a nice church directly on your left.

The route continues towards Cirensester and a beautiful English town that you will pass through is Lechlade. The houses are built in the old English architectural style. Beautiful houses, with the typical English walls on the side of the road. immediately after Lechlade you come across the Thames. This is the largest and one of the most important rivers in England.
About 400 meters after you have passed the Thames there is a parking lot on the right where you could stop to take a few pictures or enjoy the view.

After an hour and a half it is time to drink a cup of coffee. A great opportunity is the roadside restaurant Chopper Café, a kind of roadhouse for bikers. You could also choose to drive a little further and drink a cup of coffee at Mayfly. There is also plenty of parking here and you can enjoy the view over the River Test. Known worldwide for its excellent quality trout.

After coffee you soon see the hilly landscapes again and it is enjoyment again ... What a view!
The route continues towards Winchester. And after driving through this city you will pass a science center, the “Winchester Science Center” after a few kilometers. This is a hands-on interactive science and technology center in Morn Hill. Winchester Science Center offers two floors of hands-on science exhibits and the UK's largest stand-alone planetarium, with a daily program of full dome films and shows led by a presenter. A new immersive zone, Explorer: Space, was opened on the lower exhibition floor in 2018. This includes 20 modular exhibits, covering everything from meteorites to star dust, robots to coding and atmospheric pressure to human spaceflight. The Science Center also has its own café. During weekends and school holidays, the Invention Studio is open to the public and live science shows are held throughout the day. A great opportunity for enthusiasts to gain some knowledge.

It is also recommended that you stop at Cheesefoot Head, a large natural amphitheater with a beautiful vantage point just outside Winchester. You can enjoy the beautiful view here.
Then you drive towards Chichester. On the outskirts of this city you will pass a nice opportunity to have lunch, restaurant Harvester. You can park the motorcycle well here and the food is good. In any case, the citizens are recommended.

After lunch you will arrive at Goodwood Arrow Drome, a small airport that is still under the smoke of Chichester, after about a kilometer. Next to this airport is also the Goodwood circuit, a historic racing circuit for both two and four-wheelers. This race track dates from 1948. In 1966 the last race was raced on the track, because it no longer met the requirements of the time. The owners did not want to adapt the track to the more stringent requirements imposed by higher speeds of newer racing cars. On June 2, 1970, an accident during a test drive on this circuit claimed the life of Bruce McLaren, the founder of Team McLaren. On special days there is often a lot to see here, such as old motorbikes and cars.

If you're looking for breathtaking panoramic views of Chichester and the West Sussex countryside, a trip to The Trundle near Goodwood is a must.
Known locally as The Trundle, St Roche's Hill is one of the four Iron Age hill fortresses.
In more recent times, The Trundle was used for wartime communication. During WW2, soldiers manned a radio cabin from the top of the hill so they could talk to pilots during the Battle of Britain.
Today, The Trundle, which stands at approximately 200 meters in height, offers a wonderful vantage point from which to view the West Sussex countryside. For the avid walker, there are several walks from The Trundle, including a climb over The Trundle and a descent to the quaint village of West Dean.

About 20 kilometers away, just as you cross Rother you will find a kind of pumping station at this river, "Coultershaw Beam Pump". Between 1792 and 1888 there were also yards and a lock at Coultershaw. Until the 1970s, there was a watermill on the river with a beam engine to pump water from the river to Petworth and his home. After the demolition of the mill, the Coultershaw Beam Pump was restored to good condition and is now a monument.
Here you could make another quick stop to take a few photos.
If you drive towards Petworth then pass this place just past the Petworth House, a late 17th century listed manor house. It contains intricate wood carvings from Grinling Gibbons. It's Petworth's mansion. This is known for its extensive art collection created by George Wyndham. It also has a vast deer park, created by Capability Brown, with the largest herd of fallow deer in England.

Just before the town of Billingshurst you come across Arum, the longest river completely located within the borders of the county of Sussex. The river flows through the hills and South Downs National Park.
The roads are beautiful here and there is a lot of variety in the views.
When you arrive in Balcombe, the route bends to the left. Then pay attention again, the roads here are narrow and can be slippery. The beautiful views make up for this.
Nature is very beautiful on this part of the route and it is nice to drive. When you see the water sparkling between the trees on both sides of the road you come across the Ardingly Reservoir. The southern end is a 74.5 hectare local nature reserve.

When you are almost at the end of the route you will cross the last river today, this is the Medway.
It is wise to refill the tank to be able to leave on time the next day. There is a BP gas station at route point 34, a short distance from the hotel.
Afterwards you will drive to the Crowne Plaza Hotel to check in for the overnight stay.

Along the route you have several options to stop for a cup of coffee, some food or take a photo. I have listed the places where we stopped above or mentioned them in detail.

I gave the Route 4 stars, the roads are generally good.
It is a beautiful route with a lot of variety in the roads. The views are also very beautiful and different in many places.
The route includes a number of sights, including the historic Goodwood motorcycle circuit. In any case, it is recommended to stop here.


Rp 4. Cerney House Gardens
RP 7. River Thames
RP 10. Chopper Café (Coffee stop) or
RP 12. Mayfly Riverside (Coffee stop)
Rp 17. Winchester Science Center
Rp 18. Cheesefood Head
Rp 22. Restaurant Harvester (Lunch)
Rp 23. Goodwood Motor Circuit
Rp 26. Pump Station Coultershaw Beampump
Rp 35. BP gas station

Engelse pub / Royal George (rp 1)
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Useful links:
Royal George Hotel
Harvester Restaurant
Goodwood historisch Motor circuit
Crowne Plaza Hotel

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You may have seen one of these routes pass by. Eight routes have been driven and made in 2018.The routes are part of a 9-day trip through England. You drive through landscapes that are varied and beautiful. You can see beautiful rolling hilly vistas.
The main roads are of reasonable to good quality, but you also drive on roads that are less maintained and there may be some gravel on the roads here and there.
In general, they are beautiful routes through a beautiful country. The routes are connecting and turn left around London. The start and end points of the routes are Hull.

The collection contains the following routes;
Day 1 from Hull to Ashbourne (224 km)
Day 2 from Ashbourne to Birdlip (245 km)
Day 3 from Birdlip to Feldbridge (295 km)
Day 4 from Feldbridge to Whitstable (250 km)
Day 5 from Whitstable to Colchester (227 km)
Day 6 from Colchester to Hinckley (233 km)
Day 7 Tour and visit Triumph Factory and National Motorcycle Museum (77 km)
Day 8 from Hinckley to Hull (262 km)

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