Colchester naar Hinckley
East Haddon (rp 28)
From The Rose & Crown Hotel you head north-west. you drive through beautiful hilly landscapes with beautiful winding roads. After an hour's drive you will pass Hedingham Castle. The castle, in the village of Castle Hedingham, is perhaps the best preserved Norman keep in England. The fortifications and outbuildings of the castle were built around 1100 and the keep around 1140.
Once you have passed the castle, you will cross the River Colne, a tributary of the River Thames that runs along the west side of London. The river runs through Watford, Staines, Uxbridge and West Drayton, among others.
Coffee time? In the town of Finchingfield is a nice teahouse, Bosworth's tearooms, where you can have a cup of coffee with some goodies.

After coffee you can again enjoy the beautiful views and you will come to a family zoo, Linton Zoo, owned by the Simmons family.
The Simmons family describes the creation of the zoo as follows:
"Linton Zoo was born from the love, interest and concern of our family for the nature of the world.
In January 1972 we moved from Bishops Stortford, Herts, where we had a thriving pet store and zoo, to Linton, where we were able to set up a wildlife breeding center. Our large private collection of exotic species and the stock that was not sold in our store when we moved, formed the core of our current collection. "

About 10 kilometers further you come to a nice big park. The Wandlebury Country Park. On the Gog Magog Hills, just south of Cambridge, this beautiful estate offers beautiful walks through forests and wild flower meadows grazed by Highland cattle.
It is also a fantastic place for a picnic or a BBQ. You can spot animals, take a nice walk or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in one of the caf├ęs on site. There are also spaces for rent for special occasions.
The Country Park is owned and cared for by the local charity Cambridge Past and Present & Future.

Approximately 35 kilometers away, there is an opportunity to stop for a moment, take a few photos, or have a coffee at The Eight Bells in Abbotsley (rp 20).
A must for lunch is the Fordham Arms Restaurant (rp 23).

After a good meal you get fresh on the bike and you can continue the route. After about 20 kilometers you will pass a beautiful nature reserve, the Summer Leys Local Nature Reserve.
Local Nature Reserve (LNR) is a designation for nature reserves in Great Britain. The designation originates from the recommendations of the Wild Life Conservation Special Committee, which established the UK nature conservation framework and proposed a national set of protected areas consisting of national nature reserves, protection areas (with suggestions for locations of special scientific interest), national parks, geological monuments, local nature reserves and local educational nature reserves.
There are now more than 1,280 LNRs in England, covering almost 40,000 hectares, ranging from windy coastal headlands and old forests to former inner-city railways and long-abandoned landfills. You can stop here for a few nice photos.

A little further you come across the Pitsford Water Reservoir. This is a 413 hectare reservoir and a biological site of particular scientific interest to the east of Brixworth in Northamptonshire. It is owned by Anglian Water, which manages it as a water park for walking, cycling, fishing, sailing and bird watching.
If you come to the town of East Haddon, it is advisable to stop at St. Mary The Virgin Church (rp29), you can park your motorcycle here, stretch your legs and shoot some nice pictures (see for example) the Header photo).
Then it's about an hour's drive to the end of the route.
When you arrive in Hinckley it is resurrection to first provide the engine with the necessary fuel and then drive on to the Hotel.
The Jurys Inn Hinckley Island Hotel is located in an old former Triumph factory.
The new Triumph factory, which you will visit in the next route, so plenty of material to talk about.

It is a fantastic route, beautiful roads and beautiful views.
Highly recommended are the Summer Leys nature reserve and the St. Mary Virgin Church.

Along the route you have various options to stop for a cup of coffee, some food or to take a photo. The places where we stopped are also included in the details.

I have given the route 4 stars, a beautiful route with beautiful landscapes and nice sights, some of which are included in the route.


rp 9. Landmark (Hedingham Castle)
rp 10. Landmark (the Colne River)
rp 12. Coffee stop (Bosworth's Tea Room)
rp 14. Landmark (Linton Zoo)
rp 15. Landmark (Wandle Burry Country Park)
rp 20. Photo moment (The Eight Bell's)
rp 23. Lunch (The Forham Arms)
rp 26. Photo moment (Summer Leys Nature Reserve)
rp 27. Landmark (The Pitsford water Reservoir)
rp 29. Landmark / Photo opportunity (St. Mary Vigin Church)

The Fordham Arms (rp 21)
The Eight Bells (rp 19)
Useful links:
Western Rose & Crown Hotel Colchester
Linton Zoo (Dierentuin)
Wandlebury Country-park
Fordham Arms Restaurant
Jurys inn Hinckley Island Hotel

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You may have seen one of these routes pass by. Eight routes have been driven and made in 2018.The routes are part of a 9-day trip through England. You drive through landscapes that are varied and beautiful. You can see beautiful rolling hilly vistas.
The main roads are of reasonable to good quality, but you also drive on roads that are less maintained and there may be some gravel on the roads here and there.
In general, they are beautiful routes through a beautiful country. The routes are connecting and turn left around London. The start and end points of the routes are Hull.

The collection contains the following routes;
Day 1 from Hull to Ashbourne (224 km)
Day 2 from Ashbourne to Birdlip (245 km)
Day 3 from Birdlip to Feldbridge (295 km)
Day 4 from Feldbridge to Whitstable (250 km)
Day 5 from Whitstable to Colchester (227 km)
Day 6 from Colchester to Hinckley (233 km)
Day 7 Tour and visit Triumph Factory and National Motorcycle Museum (77 km)
Day 8 from Hinckley to Hull (262 km)

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Have fun driving one of these routes. Enjoy all the beauty that England has to offer, such as; The Clumberpark, Bolsover Castle, The Seven Sisters, The White Ciffs of Dover. Of course, a visit to the Triuph factory and the National Motorcycle Museum is also highly recommended.