Hull to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne
Published: 19/02/2021
Scarborough Castle.
This route uses mainly country and costal roads and will visit seaside towns and historical sites. The first sight of the sea is at Mappleton where you will travel along a nice coast road close to the beach. The route follows the coast to the seaside town of Scarborough passing through small towns and villages. At Scarborough you can visit the magnificent ruins of Scarborough Castle or stop for a coffee at the Oasis Cafe that has great sea views and is often visited by bikers. Also here is the 'Freddie Gilroy and the Belsen Stragglers', a giant steel structure made by Ray Lonsdale, an artist, fabricator and sculptor. The sculpture is based on a retired miner that Ray became friends with who turned out to also be one of the first soldiers to relieve the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at the end of World War II. This piece of art is not just about Freddie Gilroy but represents all the normal people that were pulled out of an ordinary life and forced into a very extraordinary and dangerous one during the World Wars.
From here, the route enters the North York Moors National park and the scenery changes to open moorland with the occasional glimpse of the sea. Whitby is next and the route passes close to Whitby Abbey, famous as the inspiration for the Count Dracula novel by Bram Stoker. Whitby is a fishing town and is an ideal place to stop for a fish and chips lunch.

Climbing up onto the high ground again and never far from the sea, the route takes you to the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge, 1 of only 9 remaining transporter bridges in the World and is now protected with a Unesco status. Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge opened in 1911, and is the longest in the world at 851ft (259.3m). The bridge is closed on Sundays and only operates between 07:15 - 18:20 Mon -Fri and 09:30 - 15:05 on Sat. The fee is £1.50 for cars or motorcycles and it is a truly unique experience to travel on it. To avoid the bridge, skip RPs 20, 21 and 22.

Onward to Newcastle now and a visit to The Angel of the North at Gateshead is a must for anyone new to this area. Standing at an impressive 20m tall with a wingspan of 54m, the angel stands tall to all those that approach from the south. Into Newcastle now and over the iconic Tyne Bridge to the final destination of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. There is a hotel and several B&Bs; that operate on the island as well as somewhere for food and drinks. It is an incredibly spiritual place to visit whether you have religion or not. Access to the island is over a tidal causeway only.
WARNING - Make sure the tides are correct for your visit.
Tees Transporter Bridge.
Lindisfarne Castle.
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Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge
The Lindisfarne Hotel
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Lindisfarne tide times

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