Zeilberg Noord Holland Friesland
Published: 24/12/2018
The 1st of the "Monster Tour" of MTC-Zeilberg. This route goes from Brabant (Zeilberg) to Noord-Holland and via the Afsluitdijk * to Friesland. The first and last part is about the highway. Furthermore, the route goes as close to the IJsselmeer as possible.

* The Afsluitdijk is the water defense between Noord-Holland and Friesland, which closes off the IJsselmeer from the Wadden Sea. The dam derives its name from this. The Afsluitdijk is important to protect the Netherlands against flooding.
The Afsluitdijk is part of the Zuiderzee Works. In 1927 the construction was started. In 1932 the last closing hole, the Vlieter, was closed. A year later, the dike was opened to road traffic. On the site where the Afsluitdijk was closed, a monument was erected, the Vlietermonument.
There are locks for shipping and sluices on both sides of the Afsluitdijk. Against North Holland it is the Stevin locks. The Lorentz locks are located on Kornwerderzand, at more than 4 km from Friesland. The entire dike is 32.5 km long, the water retaining part 30 km.
A traffic road runs along the Afsluitdijk, connecting both provinces. This road is part of the Rijksweg 7. The road is not at the highest point of the dike but south of it, so that the Wadden Sea is not visible from the road. There is a bicycle path along the road.

A travel story was also made of this monster tour, see the link "The travel story of this monster tour".

Because I have driven this route myself, this route gets 4 stars.

Route details:
rp 11 - Stop at McDonalds in Terschuur
rp 18 - Stop at the Trintelhaven (Dijk Lelystad - Enkhuizen).
rp 23 - Stop at Eetcafé De Kwikkel in Medemblik
rp 26 - Stop on the Afsluitdijk.
rp 30 - Stop at De Vrouwe van Stavoren in Stavoren.
rp 39 - Stop at Restaurant Joris in Nunspeet.

There are plenty of options along the route for lunch and taking pictures.

Useful links:
Het reisverhaal van deze Monstertocht

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Gelderland (, also US: , Dutch: [ˈɣɛldərlɑnt] (listen)), also known as Guelders () in English, is a province of the Netherlands, located in the central eastern part of the country. With a land area of nearly 5,000 km2, it is the largest province of the Netherlands and shares borders with six other provinces (Flevoland, Limburg, North Brabant, Overijssel, South Holland and Utrecht) and Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia). The capital is Arnhem (pop. 156,000); however, Nijmegen (pop. 175,000) and Apeldoorn (pop. nearly 161,000) are both larger municipalities (2017 figures). Other major regional centres in Gelderland are Ede, Doetinchem, Zutphen, Harderwijk, Tiel, Wageningen, Zevenaar, and Winterswijk. Gelderland had a population of just over two million in 2018.
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Flevoland, if you say Flevoland, you say reclamation, Flevoland is the youngest and in terms of land area the smallest of the twelve provinces and consists of the Noordoostpolder and the Flevo polder, both created by draining parts of the former Zuiderzee, including the former islands of Urk and Schokland.

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