TTT 2018 03 Overijssel en Drenthe vanuit Steenwijk
Published: 18/01/2020
The 3rd Tank Bag Tour of 2018 has the start and end points in Steenwijk. After some buildings, the vast agricultural landscape with the characteristic large farms follows. A single tractor is struggling in the distance. Along the well-arranged country roads, many fat grazers are chewing juicy grass. The many fields with their soft slope point to centuries-old use. The tranquility of the environment pushes the toe switch down. Via the AF Stroinkweg, among others, we drive to the most western part of Overijssel.

Nice to see is the increasing presence of storks in this fertile landscape. Looking for croaking food or statically watching their coarse nests. If the proximity of the stork frightens you out of superstition, you can still accelerate on the straights. Take into account here and there some loose gravel in the (long) bends on the country roads. Via the Woldakeweg you arrive in the Weerribben-Wieden. This wetland area is interspersed with reed lands, meadows, swamp forests and meadows. The landscape was created by the peat sign, which had its origins around the year 1300. Characterized by the many waterways, a beautiful nature area sprouted that attracted a very diverse flora and fauna like a biomagnet. In addition, the otter has also been successfully removed.

You pass Ossenzijl via a slight detour, after which you cross the park via Hoogeweg. As a driver you have ample opportunity to enjoy the surroundings. Both driving or as a stopover. Cute farms adorn the reed overgrown water veins. Small in design, but especially photogenic in this environment. The need to temporarily exchange the engine for a canoe here is entirely understandable. Bird lovers, nature lovers and water lovers will certainly enjoy themselves here.

At Café restaurant De Weerribben in Kalenberg you can settle down and enjoy a beautiful view. Feel free to stop at the Spinnenkopmolen de Wicher for a photo opportunity, but beware of the sometimes soggy verges. You take the Rietweg (how appropriate) through the hamlet of the Netherlands. Then you leave the national nature reserve. Time to nod the wrist on the throttle. Via the Blokzijlerdijk it is worthwhile to tighten the reins at the church in Blankenham. Christian and atheist will agree, because from the dyke you look here at a living postcard.

As the journey progresses you have a clear view of and over the landscape. After the village of Slijkenburg, the Lindedijk leads through a polder landscape. The asphalt ripples over a winding dike and mildly tests the suspension. The navigating character invites you to accelerate, but the persistent subsidence warns you to be careful. After all, the dike still 'works' at its own pace. The feeling of driving along the meadows, in combination with a vast landscape, is very cool. The intense enjoyment accelerates.

Then a kind of transition area follows via Wolvega to Drenthe. Driving through the forest of Heerlijkheid De Eese you enter Drenthe. The vegetation is considerably different here. Stately trees along ditches and streets that were probably only cart paths long ago. Fortunately, practical social progress has not straightened the roads here. Pristine nostalgia in a green environment. Frequent warnings for crossing wildlife (with bicycle). The horses belong almost naturally to every farm or rural home. A single lama as a strange duck makes passers-by grin. Probably a joke from a Overijssel stork. The relief differences between road and pasture also point to an old agricultural past. The diligent peasant life and the turf huts of yesteryear you can imagine yourself. In Wilhelminaoord you are in a real Dutch colony. The village was founded in 1818 for people from the big cities who were able to escape poverty.

Along the way there are plenty of options for a coffee break or a tasty lunch. When refueling, don't let the tasty Drenthe sausage hang around. They can often be found close to the cash register. This traditional dry sausage can be eaten as a snack. The route follows passing villages such as Frederiksoord, Diever and Ruinen. Along the way you absorb the unpolished, but oh so beautiful Drenthe. Thick mossy thatched roofs or a dilapidated barn give this region a no-nonsense charm. Pay attention to other road users, because the province is very popular as a destination. On the Burgermeester Slompweg you cross over to Overijssel again. Then you will soon be back in Steenwijk, at the big yellow M.

A voyage of discovery. The ride includes the alternation of diverse natural beauty and the pure character of the villages. A true experience for the motorcyclist who will experience the best of both provinces in the saddle. (Source: Promotor 04-2018).

Because I have driven this route myself, this route gets 5 stars.
Spinnenkopmolen in de Weerribben
Plaggenhut in Drenthe
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About this region
Drenthe (Dutch: [ˈdrɛntə] (listen); German: Drenthe) is a province of the Netherlands located in the northeastern part of the country. It is bordered by Overijssel to the south, Friesland to the west, Groningen to the north, and the German state of Lower Saxony to the east. As of November 2019, Drenthe had a population of 493,449 and a total area of 2,680 km2 (1,030 sq mi). Drenthe has been populated for 15.000 years. The region has subsequently been part of the Episcopal principality of Utrecht, Habsburg Netherlands, Dutch Republic, Batavian Republic, Kingdom of Holland and Kingdom of the Netherlands. Drenthe has been an official province since 1796. The capital and seat of the provincial government is Assen. The King's Commissioner of Drenthe is Jetta Klijnsma. The Labour Party (PvdA) is the largest party in the States-Provincial, followed by the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA). Drenthe is a sparsely populated rural area, unlike many other parts of the Netherlands. Except for the cities of Assen (pop. 67,963) and Emmen (pop. 107,113), the land in Drenthe is mainly used for agriculture.
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