R04 Olme Trysil
Published: 11/01/2020
Varmland is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Sweden. It is fairly centrally located in Sweden, near the border with Norway in Svealand. The beautiful nature makes your motorcycle vacation complete. The landscape of Varmland is very diverse: lakes, rivers, heath and marshes alternate with forests and green hills. More than 2/3 of Varmland consists of forests. There are more than 10,000 lakes in the area and these of course also characterize the landscape. Bears, lynx, wolves and moose live in the many forests. So watch it out.
Finnskogen is a vast forest area on the border of Norway and Sweden. It includes the eastern part of the Norwegian fylke Hedmark and the adjacent northwestern part of the Swedish landscape Värmland.

Trysil is a municipality in the Norwegian province of Innlandet in the middle of Norway. Trysil is a vast municipality, wooded and sparsely populated. In terms of surface area, it is the second largest municipality in Hedmark after Rendalen. Trysil is close to the Swedish border, about two and a half hours outside of Oslo. In Trysil you will find the largest winter sports area in Norway. With its dense forests, wild river and inviting mountains, Trysil is also an ideal base for summer activities such as fishing, white water rafting or hiking. There is also much to experience on two wheels, Trysil Bike Arena offers 100 kilometers of nature trails, in addition to more than 10 kilometers of carefully laid gravel paths.
Trysil is actually one large ski area. The three mountain flanks are interconnected with lifts and slopes. The highest point is 1132 meters, and from the top you can see many kilometers in all directions.

There are two stops included in the route, but of course you can stop on the way at one of the many picnic areas to have something to eat and drink. You can buy things for this on the way at a supermarket. After 1h30M you are in Ekshärad, there is opposite Café Bistro Moccacino, where the coffee break is planned, an ICA Indian supermarket, buy your food and drink for that if you want to have a picnic on the way.

After +/- 128 KM, at route point 7, you can choose between driving gravel occasionally or on the asphalted road.
If you do not want to drive over gravel, turn right at route point 7, and continue to follow the 62 for 57 KM until you reach the town of Sysslebäck (route point 14). You then skip the route points 8 to 13!

During the route you will always be close to the river Klarälven, this is the longest river in Scandinavia, with a length of 460 kilometers. The Swedish part is also the longest river in Sweden. In Norway the river is called Femundselva and Trysilelva.

In this 4-star route you mainly drive on good roads, you will regularly stop to take some pictures, and the choice to ride over gravel again.

General information:
Sweden is a beautiful country. You will find nice cities, but also impressive nature reserves. Check the weather forecast. In Sweden it can be very hot, but it can also become very cold, so that you can bring the right clothes and other aids. Furthermore, it is advisable to book your accommodations in Sweden in advance. Sweden is a wonderful destination for a beautiful motorcycle vacation. As the largest country in Scandinavia you can go on extensive tours in a unique environment. Forests, lakes, nature parks and agricultural areas largely determine the landscape. Around the Swedish-Norwegian border lies the Scandinavian Highland, where the mountains rise locally to 2100 meters. The most important cities are Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. And if you cannot find a motor camping site or motor hotel, then it is allowed on the basis of the so-called Allemansrätten or everyone's right to camp freely in nature. As long as you take nothing with you and leave no mess behind, you can stay with your tent for a maximum of 24 hours in one location.

South Sweden also has the most motorcycle campsites, motorcycle hotels and other motorcycle-friendly accommodations. This part also contains the 5650 square kilometers of Vänermeer and the smaller Vänermeer.
Watch out in Finskogen
Gravel road in Varmland
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About this region
Hedmark ([ˈhêːdmɑrk] (listen)) was a county in Norway before 1 January 2020, bordering Trøndelag to the north, Oppland to the west and Akershus to the south. The county administration is in Hamar. Hedmark and Oppland counties were merged into Innlandet county on 1 January 2020, when Norway's former 19 counties became 10 bigger counties / regions Hedmark made up the northeastern part of Østlandet, the southeastern part of the country. It had a long border with Sweden to the east (Dalarna County and Värmland County). The largest lakes were Femunden and Mjøsa, the largest lake in Norway. Parts of Glomma, Norway's longest river, flowed through Hedmark. Geographically, Hedmark was traditionally divided into: Hedemarken (east of the lake Mjøsa), Østerdalen ("East Valley" north of the town Elverum), and Solør / Glåmdalen (south of Elverum) and Odal in the very south. Hedmark and Oppland were the only Norwegian counties with no coastline. Hedmark also hosted some events of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games. Hamar, Kongsvinger, Elverum and Tynset were cities in the county. Hedmark was one of the less urbanized areas in Norway; about half of the inhabitants lived on rural land. The population was mainly concentrated in the rich agricultural district adjoining Mjøsa to the southeast. The county's extensive forests supplied much of Norway's timber; at one time, logs were floated down Glomma to the coast but are now transported by truck and train. The Hedmark municipality of Engerdal had the distinction of marking the current southernmost border in Norway of Sápmi, the traditional region of the Sami people. The county was divided into three traditional districts. Those were Hedmarken, Østerdalen and Solør (with Odalen and Vinger). Hedmark was originally a part of the large Akershus amt, but in 1757 Oplandenes amt was separated from it. Some years later, in 1781, this was divided into Kristians amt (now Oppland) and Hedemarkens amt. Until 1919, the county was called Hedemarkens amt.
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About this route collection
Sweden and Norway are beautiful countries. You will find nice cities, but also impressive nature reserves. This versatility makes Sweden & Norway the perfect countries for an impressive motorcycle vacation.

In this collection 14 beautiful routes through Sweden & Norway.

Good preparation is half the battle, so please read the tips below carefully.
1. Check the weather forecast. It can be very hot in Sweden & Norway, but it can also get very cold. Always check the weather forecast before you go, so that you can pack the right clothes.
2. Determine in advance which route or routes you want to follow. That way you don't drive like a chicken without a head and you can make the most of your days off in these beautiful countries.
3. Learn about traffic rules. Slightly different rules apply in Sweden & Norway in some situations than in the Netherlands. By delving into the traffic rules, you prevent that you (unknowingly) commit a traffic violation and / or put yourself in a dangerous situation.

Furthermore, it is wise to book the accommodations in advance. It may be more fun to drive through these countries on the receipt, but you don't want to have to drive around endlessly to find a place to sleep. If you go to Sweden or Norway in the high season, the chance that you have to look for a place to sleep is greatest. It is also possible to camp during your motorcycle trip, but then find out in advance where this is and is not allowed. You cannot pitch your tent everywhere.

As the largest country in Scandinavia you can go on extensive tours in a unique environment. Forests, lakes, nature parks and agricultural areas largely determine the landscape, which also consists of flat parts and rolling hills. Around the Swedish-Norwegian border lies the Scandinavian Highland, where the mountains rise locally to 2100 meters.

Norway is known for its amazing natural beauty. Fjords that tens of miles into the country, snow-covered high plains, sharp mountain peaks and vast forests. In this sparsely populated country, most people live in the cities, the capital of which is Oslo.

Tolls must be paid on a large number of roads in Norway. Anyone approaching a toll road can simply drive on without stopping. With cameras above the road, the license plate of the vehicle is scanned, not the license plate of the trailer or caravan. It takes a long time for the photos to be processed.
The bill is then sent to the Euro Parking Collection (EPC) in London within four to six months.

Mandatory on the motorcycle: Safety vest - A motorcyclist must bring at least one safety vest. In the event of a breakdown or accident, the driver is obliged to wear a safety vest. The ANWB advises motorcyclists to also take a safety vest for a possible passenger.
Advice: First aid kit, motorcyclists are advised to bring a first aid kit.