TTT 1993 06 3 daagse TankTasTour Nijmegen Roosendaal Geleen
Waaldijk bij Andelst (Gelderland)
This 3 day TankTasTocht starts at Bastion Hotel in Nijmegen. As quickly you drive along the Waal on beautiful roads (see photo above this review), at Herwijnen you cross the Waal with the ferry "Herwijnen-Brakel", and then cross the Bergsche Maas at Drongelen with the ferry "Drongelen- Waalwijk ".
You drive a stretch along the Bergsche Maas to arrive at the possible lunch location in Rijen via Waspik. After Rijen a little bit of the Netherlands and then the border to Belgium to drive via Rucphen to Roosendaal. You are now halfway this TankTasTocht, you can choose to stay in the Bastion Hotel, or to eat and drive, the choice is yours.
The route continues after Roosendaal via Achtmaal to Braken and then to the possible coffee stop on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands in Belgium to drive. We continue via the Kempen to cross the border with Belgium at Schaft, and if we are in Belgium, you can just as well enjoy a delicious Belgian Friet, you can stop at route point 119.
You then stay in Belgium until you enter the motorway at Maasmechelen to cross the Maas, so you are back in the Netherlands. The 2nd exit and you are at the final destination of this TankTasTocht. Again you have the choice, stay overnight, or eat and go home.

Because I have not driven this route (yet) myself, this route gets 3 stars.

I have built a possible stopping point in the route after every 1 1/2 hours of driving. Of course you are free to stop wherever you want.
rp 28 - Possible stop in Neerijnen
rp 34 - Use skip point to avoid unnecessary detours on the Here map
rp 41 - Use skip point to avoid unnecessary detours on the Here map
rp 51 - Possible stop in Rijen
rp 72 - Bastion Hotel in Roosendaal
rp 94 - Possible stop on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands
rp119 - Possible stop in Meeuwen-Gruitrode Belgium (Frituur van Geert)
rp127 - Bastion Hotel Geleen.

Why in 1993 was chosen for this name of the TankTasTocht is unclear, whether it is plotted in 3 days. I think you can drive this TTT in 1 day, if you leave early, or in 2 days. In Roosendaal at the Bastion Hotel you are exactly halfway along the route. If you want to drive this TTT in 2 days, you can split the route with the split option in the MyRoute-app Toolkit (you must have a Gold account for this).
rp.51 Rijen (Noord-Brabant)
rp.119 Meeuwen-Gruitrode (Belgiƫ)
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