TTT 2014 06 Purmerend Spijkerboor
Published: 22/12/2019
This TTT starts in Purmerend, near the McDonalds and goes over mostly beautiful roads through various smaller pictures through the North Holland Zaanstreek-Waterland and ends in the town of Spijkerboor.

A route through the Noord-Holland Zaanstreek-Waterland, the landscape of Zaanstreek-Waterland, together with the banks of the IJsselmeer, consists of a rich variety of peat meadow areas and land reclamation. The peat areas, UNESCO World Heritage Beemster, OerIJ, and UNESCO World Heritage Stelling van Amsterdam are valuable in a cultural-historical sense.

You regularly pass a canal, canal or a ring canal in this route, in Medemblik some stops have been identified such as the Dutch Steam Engine Museum, this is the place to discover what water and fire can cause! Stop and discover how James Watt's world invention works. Then you can take some nice pictures at Castle Medemblik or Radboud, this castle is on the east side of the harbor of the North Holland city of Medemblik. The castle dates from 1288. Medemblik Castle is one of the many castles in the province of Noord-Holland, which were built partly commissioned by Floris V.

Then a coffee and / or lunch stop at Eetcafé De Kwikkel located directly in front of the drawbridge at the Westerhaven in Medemblik. After the stop you can visit the Old Bakery Museum, this museum was founded in 1985 following an exhibition in the station building of the Hoorn-Medemblik Museum Steam Tram.

After the stops in Medemblik we continue towards Amstelmeer, this is a lake located on the west side of Wieringen in Noord-Holland. The lake is especially popular among windsurfers. There are several beaches on the lake that are suitable for day recreation, so there is also the possibility to take some pictures. We continue in the direction of the Spijkerboor and on the way we pass the Waard Canal, the Alkmaar-Kolhorn Canal and the Eilandspolder, this is an extremely water-rich area that was diked in in the 13th century. Until the 17th century it was surrounded by a number of very large lakes, in particular the Schermer and the Beemster, and not far from the sea. It is remarkable how high the polder is compared to the land reclamation sites of Schermer and Beemster. Originally it is a light salty low peat area. Until recently, the Eilandspolder was largely a fairway, meaning that the grassland plots could only be reached by water.
Just before the end point you will pass the Noordhollandsch Kanaal, this is a canal in the province of Noord-Holland and runs from Amsterdam-Noord, via Purmerend and Alkmaar to Den Helder. The Noordhollandsch Kanaal was dug in the beginning of the 19th century by order of King Willem I. The end point, 't-Heerenhuis, is also on the Noordhollandsch canal.

Because I have not (yet) driven this route myself, this route gets 3 stars.

Route details:
rp 19 - The Dutch Steam Engine Museum
rp 20 - Medemblik Castle or Radboud
rp 21 - Eetcafé De Kwikkel
rp 22 - Bakery Museum De Oude Bakkerij
Het Nederlands Stoommachinemuseum Medemblik
Kasteel Medemblik of Radboud
Useful links:
Het Nederlands Stoommachinemuseum
Kasteel Medemblik of Radboud
Eetcafé De Kwikkel
Bakkerijmuseum De Oude Bakkerij

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